Welcome to AnnaandDuke.com-- an online enclave dedicated to Anna and Duke Lavery,
General Hospital's top supercouple during the late eighties.  Emmy® Award-winning
actors Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan gave life to these unforgettable characters, and
together spun a darkly beautiful love story.

The forbidden love between the brooding Scottish mobster and the English Chief of
Police made for a sizzling international affair, complete with adventure, intrigue and high
romance.  Their exquisitely tortured and passionate love story captivated General
Hospital audiences, and they remain one of the hottest supercouples in soap history.

Anna and Duke were creations of soap legends Gloria and Norma Monty-- the duo
responsible for what most fans call the "golden years" of General Hospital.

Anna Devane began her tenure in Port Charles as a villainess-- a double agent for the
DVX bent on breaking up the beloved pairing of Robert and Holly Scorpio.  Anna went on
to redeem herself, and eventually became Port Charles' Chief of Police when Robert left
town to join Holly in Australia.  The character however, was left without a viable love
interest, and was languishing in a decidedly dull dating relationship with Dr. Buzz Stryker
before the arrival of Duke Lavery.

The Monty Sisters created Duke for Anna.  He was a troubled antihero-- a throwback to
forties noir cinema-- handsome, mysterious, edgy and a man's man, with a air of danger
about him, perhaps owing to his involvement with the mob.  The Monty Sisters knew he
would be the perfect foil for the lonely Ms. Devane, eclipsing the memory of Robert in the
mind of the character and the audience.

The combination of the mobster and the police chief was electric, and the chemistry
between Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan was undeniable.  Their story took off like a
rocket and General Hospital soon had a phenomenon on its hands-- Anna and Duke
were hot, and remained so until Ian Buchanan's exit in 1989.

Here you will find a brief history of Anna and Duke, along with articles, images, video
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, which also serves as a library for some of the
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