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Duke is on stage at the club.
Duke: Hello, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce our new star
attraction, the very lovely and the very talented, Ms. Terri O’Connor.
Audience applause as Terri steps on stage and Duke hands her the microphone
as he leaves the stage.  Terri starts singing ‘Someone to Watch Over Me’.

There's a somebody I’m longing to see,
I hope that he turns out to be someone to watch over me…

Anna enters Duke’s club and Duke goes over to greet her.
Duke: Anna, thank you for coming.
Anna: Looks like I got here just in time.  I had forgotten that Terri was going
to sing tonight.
Duke: She’s very good, isn’t she?
Anna: (smiles and nods in agreement) She’s lovely.
Duke: (motions Anna towards the bar) Could we…
Anna: Yeah.
Duke and Anna head over to the bar.  As they reach the bar, the bartender
puts out drinks for them.
Duke: (to the bartender) Thank you. (to Anna) You look beautiful.
Anna: Thank you.
Duke: I wish you didn’t look so sad.
Anna: Someone else said that to me tonight
Duke: Buzz?
Anna: Yes.
Duke: Did you tell him why you were sad?
Anna: As much as I could.  He wanted to help.
Duke: And did he?  
Anna: No… You’re the only one that can.
Duke: Then let me.  Let me love you, Anna.
Anna: Without any questions?
Duke: For now.  Trust me.
The camera pans over to Damon sitting in the corner watching Duke and Anna
from afar.

Next scene.  Terri is finishing ‘Crazy in Love’.

I’ll say I’ll care forever and I mean forever,
If I have to hold up the sky
Crazy call me, still I’m crazy
Crazy in love am I.

Audience applause.  Duke comes up on stage and gives Terri a peck on the
cheek as she hands over the microphone to Duke and leaves the stage.
Duke: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.  Ms. Terri O’Connor.  Thank you.  Terri
will be back shortly but in the meantime, I’d like you to enjoy our music for
your dancing pleasure.
Duke walks off the stage.  Terri heads over to her family and friends.
Bobbie: Honey, you were terrific.
Tiffany: What did I tell you?  Do I know talent or what?  
Ted: Being in the choir all those years finally paid off, my dear.  You were
Terri: Was I really?
Tony: Are you kidding?  Did you hear the applause?
Tania: You were terrific.
Jake: (hugging Terri) Yes.  And you’d better remember me when you need a
lawyer to negotiate your contract.  
Terri: Jake, that’s not going to happen.
Jake: It’d better.  How else am I going to get rich?
All laughing.  Sean and Monica approach the group.
Monica: Terri.  You were wonderful.  Just terrific.
Terri: Well, thank you.
Sean: You’re welcome.  I never realized you were so talented.
Terri: Well, umm. Tiffany actually did all the work.  
Tiffany: Well, not all of it but I did help somebody out.  
Ted: You are quite a producer, Tiffany.
Tiffany: Well, actually I am.  Meanwhile, all this wonderful dance music is going
to waste.  Shall we Ted?  
Ted and Tiffany head for the dance floor.  Monica and Sean watch them pass.
Monica: Do you think, ahh… do you think it’s too early after Alan’s death for us
to dance?
Sean: Not a moment too soon.
Sean and Monica head out towards the dance floor.  Scene shifts to Tony and
Tony: So… do you want to go try?  For a little while?
Tania: Well, if you’re game then I am.
Tony: Yeah, come on.
Tony and Tania head to the dance floor.
Tony: Find a good little spot.
Tania: You know, you promised me that nothing will ever come between us.
Tony: I know, I lied.
Tony kisses Tania as they dance.  Scene shifts to Terri and Patrick.
Terri: (to Patrick) Was I okay?
Patrick: Okay?  Are you kidding?  You were terrific.
Terri is relieved.
Patrick: Listen, are you too tired to dance?
Terri: Tired?  I’m too excited to sit still.  Are you kidding?  
Patrick: Okay, then let’s do it.
Terri: Okay, alright.
Patrick leads Terri to the dance floor.  Duke approaches Anna at the bar.
Duke: Terri was very good, wasn’t she?
Anna: Yes.  She was wonderful.  You have a real eye for talent.
Duke: I have an eye for… for beautiful women.
Anna: That too, I’m sure.
Duke: I used to enjoy looking at beautiful women but now I… now I can only
look at one.  
Anna smiles at Duke’s flattery.  
Duke: Will you dance with me?
Anna: No.  We haven’t finished our conversation.  
Duke: I thought we had.
Anna: I don’t understand you.  You know, you say you love me…
Duke: (interrupts) I do… I do love you.
Anna: But then you won’t let me in.
Duke: Anna, you’ve already filled every corner of my heart.  
Anna: I don’t mean that.  I want to know whatever it is that you’re holding
back from me.  
Duke: All I can tell you is that… that in two weeks every thing there is wrong
now will be right.  In two weeks.  Can you wait?  Just for a little while.
Anna: I don’t know.  I’d like to say yes, but I honestly don’t know.
Damon continues to watch the interaction between Duke and Anna at the bar.  
Transcribed by LWLouie