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Anna and Robert are hiding out from the DVX, and Robert has left Robin in
Duke's care for safekeeping.  Robin is at Duke's penthouse getting ready for
bed, and Duke is worried sick about Anna.  He is sitting at the table when
Robin enters.
Robin: I brushed my teeth.
Duke: Good.
Robin: For the third time tonight.  
Duke: Do you have any cavities?
Robin: Wanna look?
She opens her mouth so he can inspect her teeth.
Duke: Let me see.  Ah, you see?  It works.  You know it's bed time.
Robin: But I'm not sleepy.
Duke: Yeah, but it's way past your bedtime.
Robin: I want to tell you about Paris.
Duke: Why don't you tell me tomorrow?
Robin: You see, you buy these long loaves of bread and you put them under
your arm but you don't wrap 'em or anything.  
Duke: (thoughtfully) I know.
Robin: Oh, it was great seeing mommy and… never mind.  I don't want to
make you sad, 'cause I love you Uncle Duke.
She reaches out a hand to him.  He reaches back and holds her hand.
Duke: I love you too. There's nothing you could ever say or do that would
make me sad.  And you and I are gonna be best friends always, okay?  
Robin: Good.  I'm glad.  
Duke: Me too.  You know what?
Robin: (grinning) What?
Duke: (in a funny voice) It's still your bedtime.
She giggles and he picks her up and carries her to bed.
Transcribed by Hazel