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Duke enters his and Anna’s bedroom, closing the door behind him. He heads
toward the closet, loosening his tie.
Anna: You don’t have to tip-toe.
Duke: (turns to look at his wife in their bed) Hi.
Anna: Where have you been all night?
Duke: (walks toward the bed and sits on the edge) I told you: I was in New
York City.
Anna: I know what you told me. I want to know exactly what was going on in
New York City.
Duke: I, I told you I might not make the last shuttle home.
Anna: I know you said that, but you didn’t tell me where I could call you from.
Duke: I thought I did; I’m sorry.
Anna: What if there’d been an emergency? What if something had happened
with Robin—then what do I do?
Duke: I’m sor—I was being completely thoughtless. I’m very sorry. (Reaching
for her hand)
Anna: Yes, you were being thoughtless. (pulling her hand away) You are so
wrapped up in this New York thing you just don’t care about us anymore.
Duke: That’s not the truth. Don’t you say that.
Anna: Well, what’s going on with us?
Duke: I told you I’m helping a friend with a club.
Anna: Who is he? You never give me any details.
Duke: I thought I had, Anna.
Anna: No. (Shaking her head)
Duke: (stuttering) Anna, I don’t, I can’t—what the hell do you want me to do
anyway, woman?! (Getting up from the bed) I’m in New York desperately trying
to make things work. I’m working my fingers to the bone. I come home here.
Do I ever get any support? No, all you ever bloody do is attack me!
Anna: I’m not attacking you! I’m worried about you.
Duke: Then why don’t you stop worrying?
Anna: Because you’re away from home more and more, and I don’t know why!
Duke: If you would listen to me for once, you would know why.
Anna: I have a job myself.
Duke: Ah.
Anna: I still manage to find time for you and Robin.
Duke: Oh, dammit, Anna! (SLAM, open-handing the wall by the closet) I’m
doing the best that I can possibly do.
Anna: Oh, well if New York means so much to you, why don’t you go and live
there and leave me and my—
Duke: Oh, great—
Robin: (bursts into the room) Mommy!
Anna: Oh, darling, come here. (embracing Robin) It’s alright, it’s alright… It’s
alright. I’m fine.
Robin: Why were you guys screaming?
Duke: Hey. (reaching to touch Robin’s shoulder)
Anna: We’re not screaming, we’re not, we’re not…
Robin: Yes you were. I thought that man came back.
Duke: No, he’ll never come back. Don’t worry about that. Everything’s fine.
Anna: (at the same time that Duke’s speaking) No, that’ll never happen. He
Robin: Then why are you guys yelling?
Anna: We’re not. It… it… it… it’s… just the way… married people talk.
Robin: You guys both sounded very mad.
Duke: No, we weren’t mad.
Anna: Sweetheart, don’t worry your pretty little head about it, alright?
Duke: Hey, I’ve got a great idea. (rubbing Robin’s hand between his) You, you
and I will go in the kitchen; come on, I’ll rustle up the most delicious breakfast
you’ve ever…
Anna: No, I’ll make her breakfast.
Duke: Well, you can get some sleep.
Anna: I don’t want any more sleep. I’m perfectly capable of making my
daughter’s breakfast. Come on, darling. (lifting Robin from the bed and heading
for the door)
Duke sighs dejectedly.

Duke’s sitting on the bed as Anna strides quickly into the room.
Duke: How’s Robin?
Anna: She’s calmed down. She’s fine. Olin’s taking her to school. (opening the
Duke: Does she still have a guard?
Anna: I don’t know. I thought Robert was gonna pull those back. (pulling her
red suit from the closet)
Duke: What a way to live, eh?
Anna: It’s a terrible way to live. Especially for a child. I don’t want her to hear
us fighting.
Duke: Well, I don’t… I don’t want to be fighting with you, either. (getting up
from the bed) Why don’t we… why don’t we settle this now?
Anna: I, I, I don’t have time. I have to be at work.
Duke: (angry, grabbing her forearm) Well why don’t you make the time, Anna?
I don’t want to leave this like this…
Anna: (pulling her arm away) Well what is the point? Every time I ask you a
question, you avoid it—
Duke: Well, what—
Anna: We just go round and round in circles.
Duke: What do you want to know? Ask me—You want to know the name of the
club? It’s called Club Duke.
Anna: Well, I, I, who’s this guy, that you’re working with?
Duke: It’s a friend of mine from New York. I’ve known him for years. He helped
me way back when; now I’m helping him—
Anna: Does he have a name?
Duke: Of course he has a name. What difference does it make? Why don’t you
come to New York? Come see the club, come meet my friend. Take an
apartment. Watch me every minute of the day.
Anna: I don’t want to just… check up on you… It’s… I just feel we’re not
communicating; that you’re keeping things from me.
Duke: Well, I don’t know, I don’t know what to do to make you feel any better.
Come with me to New York.
Anna: (walking to the bed) Oh, yeah, that’s very easy for you to say, but I
have a job, I have a child, I can’t just up and leave.
Duke: (following) Alright. Alright, then what do you want? Do you want me to
call you every hour on the hour? Then you can get right back to me? Is that
what you want?
Anna: No, I just want you to call me occasionally.
Duke: (sighs) I don’t, I don’t check up on your every move, Anna.
Anna: It wouldn’t matter if you did, because I have nothing to hide.
Duke: Well neither do I. But while we’re on the subject, where were you last
Anna: I was at the club waiting for you.
Duke: I called you at the club. I told you I wouldn’t be there. Why didn’t you
come home?
Anna: Oh, Robert asked me to have dinner with him. (heading back to the
Duke: (following) What the hell was Robert doing at the club?!
Anna: He was waiting for his date, who also didn’t come!
Duke: Oh, lovely, lovely, how convenient. The minute my back’s turned Robert
steps right in. Great!
Anna: Oh, don’t start that. (crossing back to the bed with a different suit)
Duke: Why, whaddya mean ‘don’t start’ it? It’s the truth. He loves you.
Anna: He doesn’t.
Duke: Yes, he does. Why don’t you admit it?
Anna: (sighs) Duke, this doesn’t get us anywhere. It… you have no reason to
be jealous.
Duke: I have every reason to be jealous (reaching for her hand), especially
when someone’s trying to take you away.
Anna: (pulling her hand away, scowling) Sometimes, I just feel like I’m the least
important thing in your life.
Duke: (hurt) I don’t know how you can say a thing like that. How can you
possibly? You are the most important. And so is Robin. All I’m asking is, maybe
that you show a little love. Maybe that you trust me. Why don’t you just
support me? After all, we’re married.
Anna: (shaking her head tearfully) Oh, I don’t know.
Duke: What don’t you know?
Anna: Why can’t it be like it was when we first got married?
Duke: What do you mean?
Anna: Well, you were always here. For me.
Duke: I am here. (stepping forward to take her into his arms as she wraps her
arms around his neck. He squeezes her tightly.)

They lie facing each other in bed, in each other’s arms. They disentangle a bit,
Duke sighing, until Anna’s head rests on his shoulder as she gazes across the
Anna: How do you do that?
Duke: Do what?
Anna: You know.
Duke: Well, I never took any lessons, I know that.
Anna: Tch. I love you so much.
Duke: (kissing her forehead) I love you too. You gotta trust me, Anna.
Anna: (reaching for his hand) I do trust you. Really.
Duke: (stroking her palm) Everything I do is for us. You gotta believe that.
Anna: I know.
Duke: (Rubbing his thumb along hers) And you gotta stop worrying about New
Anna: Yeah. Um. (playing with the ring on his right hand) I support you in
everything you do. But… just keep loving us. Okay?
Duke: Hm. Always. (Anna moves toward him to kiss him) Always, always.
Transcribed by kcl