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Anna, Robert and Sean are in the Biscayne Islands trying to thwart a DVX
plot.  While Sean and Robert are out in the field, Anna is in her room guarding
Roger Barrett, a DVX prisoner, who is stashed in the closet.  There is a knock
at the door and Anna goes to answer, revolver at the ready.  She opens the
door.  To her astonishment, it is Duke.

Duke: May I come in?
Anna turns away from the door and he enters the room.
Anna: What are you doing here?
Duke: Camellia's downstairs.
Anna: Of course she's downstairs, but that's not what I asked.
Duke: I have a very good reason to be here.  I wanna talk to Robert.  
Camellia's in grave danger.
Anna: Give it a rest.  Can't you think of something good?
Duke: It's the truth.  
Anna: You've got the audacity to talk to me about the truth.  I've had it up to
here with your kind of truth.  
Duke: In all the time we were together, I may not have told you everything, but
I certainly never lied to you.
Anna: Is that some kind of double talk?  I know what I saw when I walked into
the cottage: You and Camellia…
Duke: That was innocent.  I already told you that.
Anna: Oh, it destroyed our relationship.
Duke: Oh you're not in a position to judge!  
Anna: What does that mean?
Duke: I happen to know you're registered here with Robert and you're staying
here as husband and wife…
Anna: (interrupting) That has nothing to do with you.  
Duke: You're not in the sight of the angels...
Anna: Just you wait a minute…
Duke: I intend to.
Anna: In the first place, you have absolutely no right to play the outraged
party. You don't own me!
Duke: Yeah, you're damn right I don't. Thank heaven for small mercies!
Anna: And in the second place, you don't know what you're talking about.
Duke: Don't I?
Anna: No!  If I could explain it to you, which I can't… I, I don't owe you any
explanation.  I don't owe you anything.
Duke: Yeah, you're right there.
Anna: I mean I wouldn't give you the satisfaction of an explanation even if I
Duke: Yeah, because that is because you are hiding something, I know you are.
Anna: You don't know anything.
Duke: (softly) I know you.
Anna: I doubt it.
Duke: (wistful) I used to know you.
Anna: Well, that's ancient history, like our relationship.
Duke: Yeah, and a good thing, too.
Anna: Exactly, so why do you... how do you think you can come barging in
here accusing me?
Duke: Well, I had this feeling that perhaps we might be civil.
Anna: Civil?!? Civil?  You call you jumping to conclusions... your poisoned little
darts of suspicion civil?!?
She goes to the door and opens it.
Anna: I'm so sorry you can't stay, but Camellia is waiting for you downstairs.
Duke: Well I'm sorry too, but I'm not going anywhere.
Anna: Get out.  We have got nothing to talk about.
Duke: Well, thank goodness we agree on one thing!  I'll talk to Robert.
Anna: He's not here.
Duke: I'll wait.
He takes a seat, and Anna closes the door.

Later, Duke is gone, Anna is in a robe and there is a knock at the door.  It is
Anna: Oh.
Camellia: Anna…
Anna: What is it?
Camellia: May I come in?  I have to talk to you.  
Anna: (flatly) I don't have much time.
Camellia: It's Duke.
Anna: (sarcastically) Oh, my favorite subject.
Camellia: Look, I know you've never forgiven him since you saw us together at
that cottage that night, but I haven't had a chance to talk to you about it.  
Anna: Camellia, my problems with Duke started well before that night as you
know.  I don't want to get into this.
Camellia: It's very hard not to, Anna.  Look, he was telling you the truth about
why we were there that night.  We're here for the very same reason.  
Anna: Duke's protecting you, right?
Camellia: Yes!  That's the truth!  The hitman—whoever he is—he followed us
from Port Charles to Los Angeles.  Now we are here in the Biscayne Islands in
order to get Robert to help us, that's all.
Anna: (after a long pause) Okay, you've said your bit.
Anna walks over to the tea service and pours a cup.
Camellia: (impassioned) Anna, what it is going to take to convince you that
Duke is only trying to protect me?  He has never stopped loving you.  And all
the heartache he has caused you it's my fault!  Now I can't make amends, but
don't shut out Duke because of me.  I have no reason to lie to you, Anna.
Anna: (wanting to believe but wary) Did Duke send you?
Camellia: No.  Absolutely not, in fact he forbade me to talk to you.  But he is in
so much pain I can't bear it.  In my own way, I loved him just as much as you
did.  And I still do, Anna.  But you and Duke belong together.  It has taken me
this long to accept that.  Don't reject him now.  
Anna: (coldly) You're very good Camellia.
Camellia: Oh, I swear Anna, it's the truth!  You have to believe me!
Anna: I have to believe you?  I believed you once, when nobody else would, not
even Duke.  And do you realize that you destroyed my entire life?!  Do you
realize that?!  I've got nothing else to say to you.  Will you leave?  I have
business to attend to.
Anna goes to the closet where Barrett is stashed.  She enters to talk to him
and closes the door behind her.
Anna: (whispers) Listen, I've got some things that I have to do.  I want you to
stay here.  I want you to be cool and quiet.
Barrett: (whispers) Okay.
Anna: Okay.  I'll bring you some breakfast.
Barrett: Okay.
Anna exits the closet and sees Camellia is still in the room.
Anna: You still here?  You know where the door is.
Anna walks into the other room, leaving Camellia there.  She sits on the couch.  

New scene.  The hitman is lurking outside Duke's room.  He draws his gun and
goes to enter the room just as Duke is coming out.  The hitman closes the
door and a struggle ensues in the room.  The hitman pins Duke's arm behind
him with his gun to Duke's chest.  
Duke: Who the hell are you?
Hitman: Where is Camellia McKay?
Duke: I don't know.
Hitman: One more chance, Lavery.  Either you tell me where she is or you die.
Duke: I've already told you, I don't know where she is.
Anna arrives at the door and hears the struggle.
Anna: Duke!
Duke: Camellia!  Get away from the door!
The hitman goes to open the door and is greeted by Anna, who disarms him
and knocks him out with a karate chop.  Duke comes out and looks at Anna in
surprise.  He wordlessly carries the unconscious hitman into the room.
Anna: Can you get him in there?  Let’s get something to tie him up with.
Duke is already rifling through drawers for something.  He tosses something to
Anna and they begin tying up the hitman.
Anna: Are you alright?
Duke: Yeah.
Anna: Well, good.
Duke: This is the hitman.  Camellia and I were convinced that he'd lost our
trail.  So much for our judgment.
Anna: (thoughtfully) So much for mine.
Duke: So that means you believe me?  I've only been protecting Camellia, you
know.  You saved my life.
Anna: (looking away) I'd do that for anyone.
Duke: Look at me.
Anna continues tying up the hitman.
Duke: Look at me.
Anna sighs and looks down.  Duke grabs her arm and they stand, looking at
each other.
Duke: Look at me and tell me you don't love me.  You can't, can you?  I saw
the look on your face when you came in that door.  You thought you'd never
see me alive again.  Tell me you don't love me.  You can't, can you?  You're too
damned proud to admit it.  
Anna: No…
Duke: Anna… please don't deny it.  We've never stopped loving each other.
He moves to her and pulls her in for a passionate kiss.  She responds and then
suddenly pulls away.
Anna: (unconvincingly) Fine, fine.  If you think that makes a difference, it
Duke: Every time you turn your eyes away, I know you're lying.  
Anna: (still not looking at him) Believe what you want.  It doesn't matter to me.
Duke: Look at me and say that.
Anna: (still not looking) It was the heat of the moment… it was just… I mean…
You took advantage of it… that's what it was.  You took advantage.  
Duke: Yeah?  
He puts his index finger under her chin and tries to turn her to face him.
Duke: Still not looking at me.
She turns to him suddenly.
Anna: Alright.  What do you want from me?
Duke: I want you to tell me that you, you don’t love me… Go on.
A long pause, Anna's eyes darting around the room.
Duke: Well?
Anna: (avoiding the issue) Oh come on, Duke.  It's not the place.  I've got a
job to do.
Duke: I'm all yours.
Anna looks at him in surprise.
Duke: I mean, I don't have to be cautious anymore, so well, if there's anything
I can do to help, just ask.
Anna: Yeah.  There is something you can do.  You can remove your girlfriend
from my room.  
Duke looks irritated and leaves as Anna picks up the phone and begins dialing.
Anna: (into phone) Hello.  This is room 202.  I need a security guard, please.  

Next scene.  Anna is speaking with local law enforcement in Duke's room.
Herrera: Is he a spy?
Anna: I'm not sure of that right now.  I'm going to get my organization to
check it out.  Meanwhile, I would like him deposited in your local jail until further
instructions.  I assume that that's possible.
Herrera: Consider it done.
Anna: Oh, thank you.
The officer summons his assistant into the room.
Herrera: Help me get him out of here.
Assistant: Levantete.  Come on.  Levantete.
They get the hitman to his feet and escort him from the room.
Anna: Thank you very much, inspector, I appreciate it.
Herrera: Adios, Señorita.
Duke returns to his room to find the hitman being taken away.  He has Barrett
in tow.
Anna: Ah.  He is going to be a guest of Inspector Herrera's until further notice.  
Where's Camellia?
Duke: Yeah, good question.  She wasn't in your room, but he was there
instead.  What the hell is a DVX agent doing in your room?!
Anna: There's a reason for it.
Duke: Oh yeah, well, I think knows something about what happened to
Camellia, but he's not talking.  
Barrett: Why should I tell you anything?
Anna: Hey, calm down!  What do you know about Camellia's disappearance?
Barrett: In front of him?
Anna: Yeah.
Duke: Start talking.
Anna: Duke, I can handle this.  Excuse me.  Thank you.
Barrett:  Okay.  I was in the dressing room, naturally, and I couldn't quite hear
what was going on.  I don't speak Spanish.  But a man came in, he obviously
thought the girl was you…
Anna: Yeah.
Barrett: So she tried to fight him off, he obviously overpowered her and he
took her away.
Duke: Why would somebody want to kidnap you?
Anna: (evasive) Uh… it's a good question.
Duke: Yeah, among others.  What was this man doing in your room?  Do you
know more about what happened to Camellia than you're saying? Do you know
who the kidnappers are?
Anna: Well, whoever they are, maybe they're involved with Greta and Monica's
disappearance too.
Duke: What, you think all three kidnappings are connected?
Anna: I don't know… Duke, I can't explain it right now.  We don't even know
whether they've been kidnapped.
Duke: But it wouldn't surprise you, right?
Anna: (grabs Barrett and starts toward the door) Come on.
Duke: Where are you going?
Anna: Well, I want to check the hotel and grounds to see whether Greta and
Monica are anywhere.  I also wanna make sure that Roger is in a safe place.
Barrett: Oh, back to my $200 a night cell.
Anna: No, you're going down in the world.  
Barrett: Oh really?
Anna: Yes, I'm going to deposit you at the local jail.  You'll be a guest of
Inspector Herrera's.
Barrett: I'm what?!
Anna: It's okay, you won't be put in a cell—just somewhere safe where he can
keep an eye on you.
Anna and Barrett exit.  Duke follows.
Duke: Anna?
Anna: Yes, look, I'll talk to you later, alright?
Duke: I'm coming with you.
Anna: No. You're not coming with me.
She walks down the hall with Barrett.

Next scene.  Anna returns to her room, where Duke is waiting.
Duke: Any luck?
Anna: No.  I can't find them anywhere.  I checked everywhere.
Duke: And what about your friend, what's his name?
Anna: Roger?
Duke: Roger.  
Anna: Well, he's taken care of.  I put him with Inspector Herrera.
Duke: Well, between you and I we're certainly keeping him busy enough, aren't
Anna: He seems very willing to cooperate.  He gave me some information that
could explain the latest disappearance.  He told me that a room service waiter
had been found tied up in a closet near their room.  Now he'd been attacked by
two rebels who'd taken his uniform and presumably, they had delivered
breakfast to Monica and Greta.
Duke: These rebels, who are they?
Anna: They're part of the forces that are determined to overthrow the
Duke: And what does this have to do with Monica and Greta?
Anna: (evasive) Um… I don't know.  I don't know.
Duke: You know, I don't know what the hell is going on here.  First of all, your
involvement.  Then Monica and Greta disappearing.  What about Camellia?
Anna: (long pause) They're all in a lot of danger, Duke.
She walks across the room.

Next scene.  Anna is on the phone as Duke paces.
Anna: Just call me when the taxi arrives.  Will you tell the driver that I want him
here very fast?  I want to catch the bank before they close for lunch.  Thank
you.  Yes.
She hangs up.
Duke: Kindly explain to me exactly what you're up to.
Anna: No.  It's too complicated and I don't have the time.
Duke: When?
Anna: Don't start on me, Duke.
Duke: I'm not your enemy, Anna.
Anna: I know you're not my enemy.  Where are my keys?
Duke: I am responsible for Camellia.  Now, if she's getting sucked into…
Anna: Look, I would explain it to you if I had the time, but I don't.  I have to
carry out a plan of Robert's.  I'm the only one free to do so and the bank is the
first stop.
Duke: I'm going with you then.
Anna: No you can't.
Duke: Well, you might be in danger.
Anna: I'm going to a bank, not a war zone.
Duke: This entire island is a war zone. It's not exactly a tropical paradise.
Anna: Yeah, I've been in worse situations.  I can handle it.
Duke: Anna, for God's sake, three women have been kidnapped!  Now perhaps
Monica and Greta were involved, but as far as I'm concerned Camellia was an
innocent bystander.  
Anna: Ahhh!  (tartly) Yeah, then there's Camellia…
Duke: (angry) And there's no time for your snide remarks so you can cut that
right now. (softly) I also happen to know that you're in danger.  Somebody
came here to kidnap you.  And whether you want to believe it or not you are
the most important person in my life, so you better get used to having me
Anna: (softly) What exactly does that mean?
Duke: It means I'm not leaving your side until all of this is over.
Anna: You don't know what you're getting into, Duke.  
Duke: Well then, you kindly explain it to me.  Either you do or you don't, but I'll
tell you one thing though—when all of this mess is over, you and I are gonna
sit down face to face and we'll have a long talk… about us… and our future…
He kisses her.  She responds, then pulls away slightly and looks at him.
Anna: (whispers) Duke…
Duke: What?
Anna: Um… the taxi's gonna be here in a minute.  I've gotta get organized--
this is gonna be a very long day for me.  
Duke: Correction: For us.
Anna looks at Duke, then he walks across the room and looks back at her.

Next scene.
Anna: I accept your offer of help, and I'm grateful for it.  
Duke: Well, you don't have to be grateful.  I'm doing it to help the others, and
I don't want to let you out of my sight for any more than five seconds.
Anna: As long as we promise not to let our personal feelings get in the way.
Duke: Well that'll be no problem.  You handle your feelings the way you like and
I'll do the same.  Although quite frankly, it won't be difficult for me because I'm
not fighting mine.
Anna: Alright.  
Duke: Do you have a plan?
Anna: Yes.  We do.  We have to go to the bank first.
Duke: Why?
Anna: Because we're following Robert's alternative plan.
Duke: (sarcastically) Well, we all know how much I just love to follow Robert's
plans, don't we?
Anna: (annoyed) Do you want to hear about this or not?
Duke: Please go on.
Anna: Okay, it's the question of a ransom.  There's a million dollars at the bank
that I believe the rebel leader who kidnapped Greta's husband and indeed, the
others, is after.
Duke: Now slow down a minute, I don't know… rebel leaders… a ransom… I?
Anna: I can't explain it all to you.  There's just not time.  This Colonel Ramos,
he is probably gonna send Monica there to pick up the money because it's in
her name.  That is why she was kidnapped in the first place.  
Duke: Now, what about Greta and Camellia?  
Anna: I don't know.  We have to remain at the bank until four o'clock.  That is
the time that Robert gave me.  Now if I'm wrong about this and Monica doesn't
turn up for the money and we hear nothing else about the hostages, we're
gonna have to go into Colonel Ramos' camp and rescue them ourselves.
Duke: I see.
Anna: I want Robert's plan to work.  That's why we have to monitor the bank.  
I want every contingency covered.
Duke: Well, I must say both of you have been very thorough with your plans.  
Whose idea was it for you to pose as husband and wife in this cozy little love
Anna: We promised.  No cracks, Duke.  We came here to do a job, that's all.
She goes to the door and opens it.
Anna: You coming?
Duke walks to the door.
Duke: Yeah.
They leave for the bank.

After returning from the bank, having met Monica there, Anna and Duke
prepare to storm Ramos' compound.  Duke enters Anna's room with some
Anna: Hi.  Did you get everything?
Duke: Yeah, for what it's worth.
Anna: Yeah, I know it's not really state of the art equipment but it's gonna get
us up the cliff.
Duke: Yeah, Herrera was very cooperative.
Anna: I'm still not sure whether we should have involved him.
Duke: I don't think we had much choice.
Anna: No.  Did you get a car?
Duke: Yeah, there's a four wheel drive downstairs and I think there's enough
rope in the back.  More than we'll need.
Anna: Right.  What are we waiting for?  We've wasted enough time.
Duke: Yeah, we had to wait at the bank for Monica but I think we accomplished
something very important.
Anna: Such as?
Duke: Well, it proves my old theory...
Anna: What, that bankers have fun too?
Duke: No, that you still love me.
Anna: Is that what we were doing?
Duke: Yeah. Well, I'll discuss this with you again once we're out of this
Anna: I thought you already made up my mind for me.
Duke: No, I'm only saying what you know but refuse to admit, that's all.
Anna: Did it occur to you that I wouldn't admit it because it simply isn't true?
Duke: Not once.
Anna: Didn't think so.
Duke: You know I think we're heading towards a reconciliation.
Anna: You seem to have made an awful lot out of nothing, you know?
Duke: Can I kiss you?
He does. She lets him.
Anna: (whispers) Oh, come on... we shouldn't do this. People's lives are in
Duke: Yeah, you're right...

They leave the room and head out on their mission.
Transcribed by Hazel