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Robert and Anna have just helped Duke fake his death in order to nab corrupt
Co-Police Chief Bert Ramsey (a.k.a. Mr. B).  A remorseful and tormented Duke
is hiding out in the catacombs.  He picks up a newspaper for the latest news on
his “death”.

Duke: Anna’s been through so much because of me.  I don’t think she’s ever
gonna forgive me, you know?    
Olin: Well, you never know…
Duke: It might have been… It would have been better if Bert Ramsey had just
… If he’d just killed me.  I…
Anna: Don’t say that.
Duke looks up in surprise that Anna is there.
Anna: It was the most awful moment of my life.
A long look between the two of them and she rushes into his arms.
Duke: It’s been so long since I've held you.  I've missed you.  
Anna: I’m sorry.  Please… I didn't come here for this.
Duke: I don’t believe that.  I heard you cry when you thought Bert Ramsey had
shot me.  They were real tears.
Anna: Yeah, I know.  Robert should have told me that he was gonna have fake
bullets put in Bert’s gun.  
Duke: I know you love me.  Don’t tell me that you don’t…
Anna: I should hate you for what you've done to us.
Duke: Yeah.  I know you should. You should hate me.
Anna: You lied to me and you lied to my child.  
Duke: I know I've done some terrible things but I only lied to protect you.  I
never lied about loving you because I love you.  
Anna: I don't know what I can believe anymore.  I really don't.
Duke: I do love you.  And you love me.  You say you love me, don't deny it.
Anna: No.
Duke: Say you love me.  (His voice breaks) Go on, say it… say it!  
Anna: (near tears) I do love you.
He goes to her and she stops him.
Anna: I don't know why either.  And I don't know what’s gonna happen to us.   
But I knew it the minute I thought that Bert had killed you.
He goes to her and puts his arms around her.  She lets him.
Duke: I love you… I love you.
She pulls away.
Duke: Don't.  Why?  Why are you pulling away from me?
Anna: Because I can’t stay in your arms.
Duke: Well, why do…
Anna: I can't!
Duke: why did you come here in the first place?
Anna: I wanted to make sure that you were safe and well-hidden.
Duke: You came here because you love me.
Anna: No, I came here because I am a policewoman and you are my prisoner.  
You are my responsibility.
Duke: You could have sent Frisco or Felicia.  It's dangerous for you to be here,
isn't it?
Anna: I know these catacombs very well.  Nobody will know I'm here.

Fade to black, then…

Anna: I've checked all the other tunnels.  This is a quite difficult place to find,
even if you know the catacombs.
Duke: That’s good.
Anna: Well.  I suppose I should leave now.
Duke jumps up.
Duke: Have some tea before you leave…
Anna: No.
Duke: It’s cold but it’s still good.
Anna: No thank you.  You know they had a memorial service for you today.
Duke: I don’t suppose it would be possible for you to tell Angel that I'm still
Anna: No, I can't do that just yet.
Duke: He won't talk to Damon.
Anna: I know.  I know he won't do that. But it’s safer for Angel if the thinks
you’re dead right now.
Duke: He's a good man.  This going to be very hard for him.
Anna: Oh Duke, it’s hard for all of us.  I just want this to be over.  
Duke: What happens when it’s over, Anna?
Anna: Well, that’s to be left up to the judge and jury.
Duke: No, I don’t mean that.  I’m gonna go to prison.  I mean, what happens
to you?  What happens to us?  
Anna: Don’t.  Please, don’t.
Duke: Don’t tell me it's over Anna, not when you still love me.
Anna: It has to be over for us now.  
Duke: No.  I want some hope.  I want some hope for a future together.  
Anna: I have to go.
She turns to leave and he stops her.
Duke: Anna, you brought hope here with you.  Don't take it away from me,
Anna: I have to.
Duke: Just give me a little hope.
Anna: I don’t want to love you, don't you understand that?  I can’t love a man
I don't trust!
Duke: You do love me.  You can't change the way that you feel.
Anna: Well, I'll try.  I have to try, because we can't have a life together.
Duke: I'll make you trust me again.
Anna: Don't.
Duke: I will do whatever I have to do…
Anna: Why?  How can we have a relationship when you're in prison? How?  Tell
me that.
Duke: I don't know.
Anna: (in tears) And Robin… How am I gonna tell her why you did what the hell
you did when I don't even understand it myself?
Duke: Don't.  Don't cry.  Don't do this.  Don't.
He puts his arms around her.  She lets him, then pushes away.
Anna: Leave me alone.  Leave me alone.
Duke: Anna… I understand I can't think about a future with you, but do one
thing for me. Would you kiss me goodbye before you go?  
She moves toward him, longingly.
Duke: I never thought I'd have the chance, but you're here…
They kiss.  After a few moments, Robert walks in.
Anna: (to Robert) why are you here?
Robert: I'm looking for you.  Do you have any idea how dangerous it is for you
to come down here?  You might have been followed.
Anna: I'm perfectly capable of knowing when I'm being followed.
Robert: You're also supposed to be doing an interview with Tiffany.  She's been
looking for you.
Anna: Well, I didn't know.
Robert: And where the hell is Olin?  She's supposed to be guarding him.
Duke: She's been doing her job.
Anna: And I think he's quite safe with me.
Duke: I have absolutely no intention of running away you know.
Robert: Well, I believe it.  You wouldn't last too long if you did.
Anna: Why are you here?  Did you come here to take me back?
Robert: No.  I have questions.  Damon is pressuring Angel into handing over
the union books.  I wanna know why Angel's refusing.
Duke: He's protecting me, I suppose.  I deposited some mob money in union
funds.  I also took some of the ghost workers off the books.
Robert:  Another thing:  Who's the kingpin of the mob?
Duke: I don't know anyone above Angus.  
Robert:  You never heard?
Duke: Never.  Good lord, man, why should I lie to you at this point?  I don't
know who he is.
Robert: Alright Duke.  I guess I’m getting a little bit uptight these days.  You
ever heard of a ship called Sister Island?
Duke: No, never.
Robert: Yeah.  Well, Ramsey's obviously waiting for the leader to come in on it.  
The mob is gearing for its takeover.
Anna: Well, at least we accomplished what we set out to do with Duke's death.
Robert: Yes.  
Duke: I never thought the organization was this big.  When they introduced me
to Angus, he was a fellow Scot, I thought he was the big boss.  I guess it was
so I believed what he said.  I was a fool to think they'd ever let me go.
Robert: Yes, you were.  Frisco's been fired form his job singing at the club.  We
don't have a pipeline anymore.
Anna: Why has he been fired?
Robert: Damon's taking over.  (to Duke) Well, any suggestions?
Duke: Angel is the only man you can trust.  I don't want him hurt though.  Tell
him to hand the books over to Damon.  
Robert: I’ll tell him.  I’ll also tell him to start listening in to Damon’s
communications with the boat.  (looks at his watch) That’s gonna have to wait
for sometime later.  You're being laid to rest about now.

Fade to black.

Robert: Your services should be over about now.  We'll leave if Olin ever gets
Duke: I told you, I've no intention of leaving here.
Robert: So you said.
Duke: You still don’t trust me.  What more do I have to do to make you believe
what I say?  
Robert: Why should I be bothered trusting you?  I came here to protect my
daughter and her mother and as far as I'm concerned that danger still exists
until Ramsey and his mob, together with you are safely behind bars.  You want
my sympathy pal?  Go work it(?).  I'm off to find Olin.
Robert walks out.
Duke: I don't want your sympathy.  You can keep your damn sympathy.
He turns to Anna.
Duke: How can he believe I wanna run away from here?  I mean if I wanted to
run I'd have taken the car you gave me to get to the country cottage.  I'd have
driven off and disappeared and you'd never have had to see me again.  
Anna: Well, he's just furious because he's worried about what's going to
happen to Robin and me.  
She reaches into her purse and pulls out a plastic bag.
Anna: Look, I've got some of your things here, do you want them?
Duke opens the bag and pulls out the engagement ring.
Duke: This is your ring.  I remember the day when you threw it back in my
face.  I don't dare… I don't expect you would ever want to wear it again but…
Anna: I can't.
He holds the ring out to her.
Duke: I'd really like you to take it.  I'd like you to have it.  It would give me
some hope that maybe someday we'll get out of all of this.  
Anna: No.  I don't know what the future holds for either of us.  And uh… I
really couldn't bear another disappointment from you.  
Robert enters the room.
Robert: Right.  We're getting out of here.  Olin, keep an eye on him, will you?
Olin: Sure thing, dude.  I'll keep him snug as a bug.
Duke and Anna share a long look.  She turns to leave.
Duke: Anna…
She turns back.  He holds out the plastic bag.
Duke: Would you… would you give these things to Angel?  He'll take care of
them for me.
Another long look, then she takes the bag and leaves in silence.  Duke holds
onto the ring.
Transcribed by Hazel