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Duke had attempted to break up with Anna earlier in the day. Anna has since
been devastated, and is walking on the docks trying to clear her head.  Duke
has also been in turmoil, realizing how much he had hurt Anna and also not
wanting to end their relationship, but thinking that he had to end the
relationship in order to spare her more hurt in the future.  While Frisco
rehearses his musical numbers in Duke’s Club, Duke decides to go outside to
think things over.  Duke and Anna are now both outside of Duke’s Club, lost in
their own thoughts.  A siren is heard in the distance.  They both look up and
spot each other.  Anna looks hesitant. Duke smiles.  Anna exhales, smiles in
relief, and they rush into each other’s arms.
Duke: Oh, I adore you.
Anna: I’m so sorry.
Duke: I’m sorry I hurt you (they kiss).  I’m sorry I hurt you.  I’ll never hurt you
again.  I won’t (kiss).  I won’t (kiss).
Anna: I love you.
They kiss deeply.
Anna: I’m sorry.  Awful… I’m sorry I said those things.
Duke: Oh!  It's alright.  It's alright.  Oh, I wish you knew how much I love you
(they kiss).
Anna: Say that.  That’s all I need.
Duke: I’d die for you.
Anna: You’re my life now, you know that (kiss).
Duke: I’ll love you always (kiss).  I’ll love you always (kiss).
Anna: Wait, wait.  Let’s not hurt each other ever again. (Anna smiles).  Oh, I
love you so much.  I love you so much (laughing).
Duke lifts Anna and swings her around. Anna laughs.
They look at each other and kiss passionately.  After a minute, they look at the
Club, where Frisco is inside singing “Baby Be Mine.”
Anna: It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?
Duke: You are beautiful.  You are so beautiful.  You are beautiful (kisses her
Anna: I never thought I would love anyone this much.
Duke: I’m a lucky man.
Anna: You know what?  I came down here to think about what I was going to
tell Robin.  I thought we were breaking up.
Duke: Do you believe in destiny?
Anna: Do you?
Duke: We’re both here, aren’t we?
Anna: Yes (smiling).
They kiss passionately.
After a minute Robin approaches.
Robin: There they are.  Hey mom!
Robin runs toward them.  Duke and Anna reluctantly stop kissing but they
continue holding each other while laughing.
Anna: (giggling) Robin. (Anna covers her face with her hands).
Robin: I knew I’d find you here.
Duke: You brilliant child (holding Robin’s shoulders).
Anna: I thought you were at home.  How did you get here?
Robin: Well, Grandma took me here, and I told her that she could go home.
Anna: Oh!
Anna takes Robin’s hand and leads her to a bench where they sit down.
Anna: How did you know I would be here?
Robin: Well, Sean called me on the phone.
Anna: Yeah, why? (Anna takes Duke’s hand).
Robin: Well, he thought that I would be worried if you didn’t come home until
Duke is holding and kissing Anna’s hand behind Robin’s back.
Anna: (gazing lovingly at Duke) Mm, hmm.  What else did he say?
Robin: Well, that he thought you were in your favorite thinking place.
Anna: Yeah?
Robin: And I knew it was here.
Anna: So you came straight here?
Robin: Sure did.  And I knew you were worried, so I got a little worried too.
Anna and Duke look at each other and laugh.
Robin: What’s so funny?
Duke: Nothing.  I was worried and that’s why I came here.
Robin: Are you still worried?
Duke: (looks at Anna) No.  I’m not worried anymore.  I feel on top of the world
Robin: Well, how come you didn’t go to your favorite thinking place?
Duke: Oh, you mean the zoo.
Robin: Yeah.  Wouldn’t you like to go there again?
Duke smiles.
Anna: Oh, how were you thinking that you might get there, Madam?
Robin: You and Duke want to go with me?
Anna and Duke look at each other.
Anna: Why not?
Duke: Why not?
Robin: Why not?
Anna: Okay.
Duke takes one of Robin’s hands and Anna takes the other.  They head off,
they lift Robin up in the air by her arms, and then all three run off towards the
zoo hand in hand, smiling and laughing.
Transcribed by marie71