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Duke and Anna are at Duke's Club having a romantic dinner with a side of
double entendre.  

Anna (looking down at Duke's plate): That looks delicious.
Duke: It is delicious. Would you like some?
Anna: Yes, please.
Duke: Would you like to try a little piece or would you like to try a large piece?
Anna: You decide.
Duke: Well let me think... how hungry are you?
Anna: I don't know. When did I last eat?
Duke: Oh I don't know. Was I there?
Anna: Oh yes. You were there.
Duke: You know, I really should force you to eat something.
Anna: Well… I don't really know what I want.
Duke: I do.
Anna: Do you?
Anna provocatively moves her dress down just past her shoulder.
Duke: I like that.
Anna: Do you?
Duke: I really do.
Anna: I know you do.
Duke: I suggest that we go somewhere else.
Anna: But you have this club to run.
Duke: I also have a manager who can, well, he can run it quite well for me.
They kiss.
Duke: Let's get the hell out of here.
Transcribed by marie71