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Anna and Duke – Dinner Date

Anna and Duke enter Anna’s house.
Anna: Come in.
Duke: Thank you.  Well, Robin and Filomena are on their way to Australia by
Anna: Yes. Oh, my little girl.  (Anna picks up a photo of Robin) I’m going to
miss her so much.  But, umm, you know, Robert’s been lonely for her all this
time.  She’ll have a wonderful time in Australia.  
Duke: Oh, you’re not going to be lonely, not for one minute.  I can assure you
that.  I promised Robin and Filomena that I’m going to take very good care of
Anna: (surprised) You did?
Duke: I did.  I’m going to see you every single night.
Anna: (chuckles) You will?
Duke: Umm hmm… starting tonight.  
Anna: Well, umm, how do you know that my calendar isn’t actually full?
Anna goes to her desk to pick up her calendar book.
Duke: Well, I can find out soon enough.  Let me see.  
Anna playfully hides the book behind her back.
Anna: No.
Duke: Let me see it. (Duke gets the calendar book from Anna.)  Ah ha!  Just as
I thought … (he flips through the calendar book) Blank, blank, blank.  Oh dear,
dear, dear.  There’s not one thing in this.  I’m going to be one busy man.  
Anna: Just because I don’t have my engagements in writing doesn’t mean to
say that I don’t have people dropping by here unexpectedly in the evening.  
Duke: Then we shall be here to greet them.  Together that is.  Ahhh, but now
I'm very curious.  Just who do you expect to drop by here?  
Anna: (teasingly) Oh, I don’t know.  Various and sundry people.
Duke: Any particular men?
Anna: (teasingly) Oh, I said people.
Duke: What’s his name?  
Anna: People… Take last night for example-- Felicia came ‘round here very late.  
She was still worried about Frisco.  
Duke: New bride, rookie cop… it figures.  
Anna: I’m kind of worried about Frisco myself.  He told Felicia that, uh, he told
her that he was on a special assignment for me last night and he wasn’t at all.  
I’m sort of worried that, you know, he’s so determined to prove himself that
he'll get himself into trouble.

Scene continues.  
Anna: He hadn’t given any special assignments to Frisco.  
Duke: Just as you suspected then.  
Anna: Yes, but I had to be sure.  
Duke: And I gather you’re disturbed about this.  
Anna: Umm… I am.  I’ve left a message for Frisco to contact me as soon as
Duke: Are we going to spend all of our time together “concerned” about Frisco
Anna: I’m just concerned about the people who work for me.  Aren’t you?  
Duke: Oh, yeah, I’m concerned about them but not usually until I’ve had my
first cup of coffee in the morning.  (Anna chuckles.)  What do you say we have
Anna: Umm… well, I’d love to but I’d really…
Duke: (interrupts) You have work to go to, I understand.  
Anna: Yes.
Duke: Dinner tonight?  
Anna: Alright, I… well, I’m expecting a phone call from Robin.  She’s going to
call me from L.A. before she gets on a flight to Australia.  So… I’ll cook for you
Duke: Well, I’ll settle for home cooking.  That’s great.  
Anna: Well, it’ll be a royal British feast.  
Duke: Now what is a royal British feast?  Everyone knows that the only good
food in England is Indian or Chinese.  
Anna: Well, you’ll see.  Just wait.
Duke: Well, well, well.  The amazing Ms. Devane.  She sleuths by day, she
cooks by night.  
Anna: Oh, don’t be too impressed.  I know a lot of woman that are juggling
homes and careers and doing a whole lot better than me.  
Duke: Oh, yeah?
Anna and Duke leave the house.

Next scene.  Anna is setting the dinner table when the door bell rings.
Anna: Oh my goodness.  (Anna looks through the peephole then opens the
door.)  Frisco?  
Frisco: Yeah… oh…
Anna: Yeah, your timing’s a little bit off.  
Frisco: Well, I got a message that you wanted to see me.  
Anna: I know that was like 4 hours ago.  
Frisco: Yeah, well, I had to finish my beat.  I guess I could have come by
around lunch…
Anna: Yes… yeah, well, you know… come on in.  I’m very busy so, umm, I’m
going to get straight to the point.  I have to ask you about your whereabouts
last night.  I… believe me, I’m not interested in interfering with your personal
life.  I just have reason to be concerned for your off duty activities.  
Frisco: Well, why are you concerned?  
Anna: Did Toughie contact you again about the poker game?  
Frisco: Is that what you thought I was doing last night… playing poker?  
Anna: Frisco… Ramsey and I told you that you were to contact us if Toughie
again spoke to you about the poker game.  We were going to assign a special
policeman to take care of that, okay?  
Frisco: I didn’t forget my orders.  
Anna: Well…
Door bell rings.
Anna: (sighs) Excuse me.
Anna checks the peephole and opens the door.
Anna: Duke, hi.
Duke: (attempting to open a bottle of champagne at the door step) Hi. (to
Anna: Umm …
Duke: (to Frisco) Hi.
Frisco: Hi.
Duke: Listen, this is from an unknown admirer… from me… don’t I get to come
Anna: Yes, of course.
Frisco: Well, I’m just leaving, really.  
Duke: (walks in towards the living room) Excuse me.
Frisco: Ahh… I don’t want to interrupt in your personal life, okay.
Anna: Okay…  yeah… Frisco.
Frisco: Have a nice evening.
Anna: Thank you, goodbye.  (turning to Duke) Uhh… you’re early.  
Duke: Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.
Anna: Well, I know… I hadn’t… I’m not dressed.  
Duke: You go get dressed and I’ll… I’ll open the champagne.  
Anna: Okay.
Duke starts to dim the lights and turns on the radio all the while humming to
Romantic music is playing in the background as Duke sits on the living room
couch.  Anna enters the living room.
Anna: Hi.
Duke: (noticing Anna) Wow… you look lovely.
Anna: Thank you.
Duke: (walking over to Anna) A toast.
Anna: A toast?  Just us?  
Duke: (starts pouring champagne) Yeah, just the two of us.  
Anna: Alright, what’s the toast?  
Anna squeals as the champagne bubbles rise in the glasses
Duke: I think we need a toast.  To Anna. Anna my inspiration… and to tonight,
the beginning of many, many wild and wonderful things.  Shall we toast?  
Anna: Do I have a choice?
Duke: (clinks her glass, drinks his champagne, and motions towards Anna)
Drink your champagne.  
Anna: (starts moving towards the living room) You’re moving a little bit fast for
me.  I usually like to savor the good things so they last a little bit longer.  
Duke makes a face as Anna walks away.
Duke: (following Anna) You’re still very uncomfortable.  Is there something
about me that’s making me nervous?  
Anna: No.  Absolutely nothing.  
Duke: You’re lying.
Duke chuckles and continues to sip his champagne.
Anna: Well, I’m just… I’m a little bit edgy, that’s all, about Frisco and Felicia.  
Duke: Let’s talk about it.  Let’s talk it all out now.  And then we can just close
the door on the rest of the world.  
Duke leads Anna to the couch and they sit down together.
Anna: Alright.  Well, umm, before you came in tonight, Frisco was here and I
had to confront him with an extremely personal question about what he was
doing last night.  I didn’t reveal how I’d got the information, however, he’s far
too intelligent not to put two and two together.  
Duke: End of story.  
Duke smiles.
Anna: Well, you… that’s why I’m just a little nervous.  I’m worried that I… I
might have done something to hurt my relationship with Frisco and Felicia,
that's all.
Duke: You feel very close to them, don’t you?  
Anna: Yes, I do.  (Duke sips his champagne.)  Now you understand why I’m a
little bit nervous.  
Duke: Completely.
Anna: Umm… I’m… I’m not going to let it spoil the evening.
Duke: Neither will I.  
Anna: It’s unnerving, isn’t it?  
Duke: Confronting Frisco?
Anna: (clearly meaning something else) Yes, confronting Frisco.

Next scene.  Duke and Anna are finishing dinner in the living room.
Duke: That was a fabulous meal, Anna.  The British Empire is… is alive and well.  
Anna: Is that all it takes?  A little roast beef and Yorkshire pudding?  
Duke: What do you do for… for an encore?  
Anna: I have a little trifle for dessert.  
Duke: (smiling) I have something better in mind.
Anna: (smiling) What?
Duke: Listen.
Duke gets up from his seat.
Anna: Oh, yeah, that sounds familiar.
Duke: It’s our music.  Do you remember the Policemen’s Ball?
Anna: Umm hmm.  
Duke: (holding out his arms to Anna) Would you dance with me?  
Anna: (getting up) Are you sure you don’t want some dessert?
Duke: (dancing with Anna in his arms)  Trust me… I’m having dessert...
Anna: You are very sure of yourself.
Duke: You can analyze my psyche later.  
Anna: I might not feel like it later.
Duke: Thank God.  
Anna: Why?
Duke: I have something better in mind.
Anna: You do?
Duke: Mmmm… I love holding you.  You know, I could… I could dance with you
all night.  I’ve waited for this night for a long time.  (sighs)
Anna: Duke…
Duke: Shhhh… Does this feel as good to you as it does to me?  
Anna: Duke…
Duke: Shhh… I don’t know about you, but I’m having a good time.  
Anna: Actually, I’m… I’m exhausted.  
Duke: (surprised) You’re exhausted?
Anna: Umm…
Duke: Ah… well… why didn’t you say so?  (stops dancing and kisses Anna on
the forehead)  Thank you for a lovely evening, Anna.  I had a wonderful time.
(gets his jacket)  The food was great.  The company was better.  Now you get
some sleep. (puts on his jacket)  Go to sleep straight away, and we’ll have
another date tomorrow night.  (kisses her on the forehead again) Good night.  
Duke lets himself out.  Confused and upset, Anna smashes a dish on the table.
Anna: Right.
Anna heads toward the cabinet takes out her wedding veil from the drawer.  As
she holds it in her hand she pauses and then smiles self-mockingly before
putting the veil back in the drawer.

Next scene.  Anna is lying in bed unable to sleep.  
Anna: Oh goodness.  (Anna sees and picks up the book of poetry)  Ha… try
love poems, Mr. Lavery.  
Phone rings.
Anna: Hello.
Duke is sitting in his bed.
Duke: Did I wake you?
Anna: (sarcastically) No, I’ve been asleep for hours.
Duke: Oh, lucky you.  
Anna: You having trouble sleeping?  
Duke: Yeah.
Anna: I guess it must be too much Yorkshire pudding.  
Duke: I have a… I have a different theory.
Anna: Really, what?
Duke: All I need to fall asleep is to hear you say ‘Goodnight’ and ‘Sweet
Anna: Is that all it would take?  I mean, just… just ‘Goodnight”?
Duke: Oh, and don’t forget ‘Sweet dreams’.  Can we give that a try?
Anna: (smiling) I don’t see why not.  There’s nothing else to say.
Duke: Oh, there’s plenty to say but we can save that for… well, until the next
Anna: So, there’s to be a next time?
Duke: Of course.  This evening ended much too abruptly for me when you
decided to send me home.
Anna: (chuckles) Is… is that what I did?  Ah… I didn’t notice.
Duke: Anna…
Anna: Yes…
Duke: I’m waiting …
Anna: Goodnight.  Sweet dreams.
Duke: You, too.  
Duke hangs up the phone, takes a sip of cognac and turns off the lights.   
Anna looks at the book of poetry and holds it with a smile on her face.
Transcribed by LWLouie