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Anna and Duke are lounging in their pajamas and robes on the couch in Duke’s
penthouse.  The phone is ringing in the background.
Duke: Let it ring.
Anna: No, it might be important.  I gave Lewis this number.
The phone continues to ring as Duke kisses Anna.  Finally, Duke picks up the
phone and Anna stretches.
Anna: Ah … the daily grind.
Duke: (on the phone) Lavery here.  Yeah, hold on.  
Anna: Huh …
Duke: (to Anna) Captain Lewis.  
Duke hands the phone over to Anna.
Anna: (taking the phone) Hello, Captain Lewis.  
Duke begins trying to distract Anna by kissing her along her neck.
Anna: (continues) No, I wasn’t doing anything.  Oh… (starts trying to pull Duke
off her)  Ah… pardon.  I’m sorry I can’t hear you.  It’s a bad line.  
As Duke continues to kiss Anna on the neck, Anna finally grabs a pillow and
hits Duke on the head with it, which only serves to amuse Duke.
Anna: (continuing) Yeah … (suddenly jumping up from the couch with concern)  
Oh!  Where… when was the court appearance?  What time was that exactly?  
Anna goes over to grab the phone base and Duke tries to use the phone cord
to reel her back to the couch.
Anna: Yes… did they post bail?  Oh, then I think maybe…
Duke gets up off the couch and grabs Anna around the waist from behind.
Anna: (squeaks) Whoa… nothing… no, I… I… just something surprised me
that's all.
Duke starts kissing Anna’s neck and shoulders again.
Anna: Well, it wasn’t really a surprise.  Okay, then will you keep me posted
about Harrison.  Thank you.  No, I’m… I’m fine.  
Anna hangs up the phone and turns to Duke annoyed.
Anna: Look, how am I supposed to conduct police business?
Duke: (taking the phone from Anna) You’re not.  You took the day off,
remember?  Now where were we?  
Duke leans in to kiss Anna.
Anna: We were planning our future.
Duke: Oh, right.
Duke and Anna head back towards the couch.  Duke sits down and Anna leans
back into his chest.  
Duke: What are you looking at?
Anna: Just the décor.
Duke: It’s not so bad is it?  I did it myself.  
Anna: (surprised) Oh!… no, it’s rather nice.  It’s just, ah, masculine.
Duke: Oh, I get it.  This is your very tactful way of telling me that my bachelor
pad is about to undergo a major facelift from my two favorite ladies…   
Anna: (sitting up) Well, no, I wouldn’t say that… now, I wouldn’t say that
Duke: (laughing) I’ll need another $100,000 just to redecorate.
Anna: Oh, Robin and I come cheap.
Duke: Oh, now I get it.  You know I haven’t met a woman who didn’t insist on
leaving her mark on a man’s place.
Anna: If you really want to know, I do have a few ideas.  (phone rings) Oh,
God.  Go away.  (relenting) Alright.
Duke: It’s probably for you anyway.
Anna leans over to get the phone.  
Anna: (on the phone)  Hello.  Oh, hi Felicia.  No, he’s… he is here.  No trouble at
Anna hands the phone over to Duke.
Anna: (to Duke) Felicia.
Duke: (taking the phone) Hello.  Hello, Felicia.  No, that’s alright, love.  We were
just, ah, talking.
Anna starts to nuzzle Duke in the neck and caressing his face.
Duke: What is it?
Anna: (whispers) Go away.
Duke: No, that… that was last week.  Yeah, yeah.  We took inventory and we
overstocked on the burgundy.
Duke grabbing Anna’s wandering hand to stay it.  Anna begins nuzzling Duke’s
Duke:  No, I understand that business has improved but let’s leave it for
another couple of weeks.  Okay?  No… no problem, love.  Thank you.
Duke hangs up the phone and turns towards Anna.
Duke: Turn around is fair play.  
Anna: You know what would be really nice right now?
Duke: (snuggling into Anna’s arms) Yeah, going back to bed.
Anna: No, after that.  
Duke: Staying there.
Anna: I think we should have Aunt Janet here for a while.  
Duke: Do you think the bed’s big enough?
Anna: No...  She can stay in the spare bedroom until after the wedding,
alright.  Gives you a chance to get to know her.
Anna gives Duke a peck on the cheek.
Duke: It’s not a bad idea.
Anna: No.  She must get rather lonely now that Camellia’s gone.  Did she call
you about going back to the convent?
Duke: Hmm… strange, I… I haven’t heard from her.  I don’t know what decision
Camellia made but I have no doubt that she has decided to pursue her
vocation.  It would be nice to know whether she arrived safe and sound
Anna: Yes.  
Anna grabs the phone and puts it on Duke’s chest.
Anna: Call her now.
Anna gets up from the couch.  Duke puts the phone aside and gets up from
the couch to grab Anna around the waist.
Duke: I have better things to do.  
Anna: Oh, I can wait.
Duke: I can’t.
Anna: Duke, come on.  Call her.
Duke: Okay, I will call her.  I'll ask her to come down here to spend some time.  
I’m sure there’s room here for the three of us.  
Anna: What are you waiting for then?  Call her.  
Duke: (surprised) You’re so persistent… when I… when I have fulfilled my
financial obligations.  Then we’ll take it from there.  I’m hardly in the position to
be entertaining guests now.  
Anna: Well, I really wish I could just concentrate on just one thing at a time.  I
only have an entire police department to look after.  I have thousands and
thousands of unsolved cases.  One of which Frisco is working on as we speak.  

Next scene.  Duke is concentrating on paperwork on the dining table.  Anna
places a cup of coffee on top of a stack of his papers.  Duke barely takes notice
and moves the coffee aside. Anna starts trying to distract Duke from his
Duke: This is a very rough balance sheet.  I want to work out exactly how
much money I have and how much I need to pay off my debt.  Now if my
calculations are correct and my income continues at the present rate and
provided of course, there are no unexpected expenses.  
Anna purposely leans over Duke and allows her hair to cover Duke but he only
pushes the flowing locks aside.
Anna: Umm… hmmm…
Duke: I guess I should perhaps figure in a contingency…
Anna takes the pen out of Duke’s hand and writes a note on Duke’s paper with
a strong punctuation at the end of her writing.  Duke reads the note.
Duke: (putting aside his calculator in astonishment) Oh, you wouldn’t?
Anna: (coyly)  I’m a desperate woman.
Duke: Well, that may be, but even prisoners have conjugal rights.
Anna: Well, marry me and you will, too.
Duke: Well, I intend to marry you.
Anna: Well, soon.  You put it off any longer I may just have to take drastic
Duke: But no more bed privileges?
Anna: (teasingly) Oh, you can sleep.  You just can’t touch.  
Duke gets up to stalk Anna.
Duke: You are so cruel…
Anna:  It would hurt me as much as it would hurt you, you know.
Duke: You leave me no alternative…
Anna: Will you marry me now?  
Duke: (grabbing Anna) No, but I’m going get my fill before you cut me off.
Anna screams and they both fall to the floor.  Anna rolls Duke over and Duke
grabs his head like he’s hurt.
Anna: (leaning over Duke) Oh, my goodness.  Are you alright?  Duke?
Duke: (quickly sitting up and smiling) Don’t you ever tease me.  I want you too
badly to even joke about your love.
Duke and Anna are laughing and rolling on the floor in each others embrace.  
The elevator opens and Camellia walks in and sees them on the floor.  
Camellia: Excuse me.
Anna looks up surprised.  Duke and Anna get up.
Anna: Who are you?  How did you get in here?
Duke: (annoyed) Camellia.
Camellia is left staring at Anna and Duke.
Transcribed by LWLouie