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Setting: Anna's office. The door opens as Anna is sitting at her desk with her
back to the door and in walks Duke...
Anna: Oh, if you've got the papers from the mayor, just leave them on the
desk, I’ll deal with them later.
Duke walks up behind her chair, bends down and kisses her on the cheek.
Anna: Duke! (shocked) I thought you were my clerk.
Duke: What clerk?
Anna: The clerk outside, the officer outside, what are you doing here?
Duke: Is that a bona fide question or is it just curiosity or is it a challenge?
Duke sits on her desk, leans forward, puts his hands on both sides on her
chair and pulls her toward him.
Anna: Duke, I have a lot of work to do and um, and I don’t think that we had
an appointment.
Duke: Do I need a reason to see you?
Anna: Yes, anyone that comes to see me during the day, during office hours
needs a reason.
Duke: (looks at his watch) Office hours?
Anna: Well, I don’t clock in at nine and clock out at five.
Duke: (smiling) I admire your dedication, why don’t you come work for me?
Anna: (smiling) What are you doing here?
Duke: I don’t know… (thinking and puts up a finger) I just thought of a reason.
Anna: I bet you did.
Duke: No, this is legitimate insofar as an invitation is a legitimate reason.  Is
that a good enough reason to come by?
Anna: It depends on what the invitation is, if it’s legal.
Duke: It’s a party.  I’m having a party at union headquarters Friday night.  
Well, it's not just a party, it’s a fund raiser.  We’re trying to raise money for
the police fund.
Anna:  That’s right, which raises an interesting question of mine.  Ever since I
heard about this party, I wondered what it is you're doing getting involved with
a police charity.
She stands up looking at him.
Duke: Guess.
Anna: Out of the goodness of your heart?
Duke: (wide smile) Guess again.  It’s probably the only way I could get you to
show up; otherwise you would have said it was too partisan.
Anna: Oh well… (walks around Duke and the desk) I’ll buy 10 tickets and you
can give them away to charity.
Duke: You’re playing very hard to get. (turns around off the desk)
Anna: (takes her calendar) Well, how do you know I’m free on Friday anyway?
Her back is to him, as he wraps his arms around her and takes the calendar in
his hands and pencils something in on the calendar.  
Anna: I have an awful lot of paper work and I would appreciate it if I could get
on with it.
Duke: No, you haven’t answered my question yet.  Will you be there on Friday
night or not?  
He reaches out and puts his hands on her waist.
Anna: Do you always get what you want?
Duke: I don’t know, until you answer my question.
Anna: (smiling, looking straight into her eyes) Alright, you win.
Duke: The answer is yes, then.
Anna: Yes what? (with a puzzled look)
Duke: Yes, I do get everything I want.
He walks toward the door.
Anna: (puts up a finger) So far, you get everything you want.
Duke: (walks back to her) One more thing, I’ll be coming over to your place for
dinner this evening and you will be cooking dinner for me.  Yeah.
Anna: You're incorrigible, do you know that?
Duke: Oh Anna, come on, we had a deal.  I promised Robin I would keep you
company every night while she was gone.  Do you remember that?
Anna:  No, I didn’t forget that.
Duke: (walks back toward the door) Okay, I’ll see you later.
Anna: We’ll you’ll have to eat before you come, because I’m not cooking
tonight, on a working night.  I’m just warning you.
Duke turns back and walks to her again.
Duke: (looks at her seductively as he runs his hand through her hair) I dream
about the roast beef and potatoes you made the other night.
Anna: Do you?
Duke: Every night.
Anna: Well, that was just an exception because tonight, you’ll just have to
make do with coffee, otherwise your on your own.
Duke: Fine, I'll cook dinner for you then.  You don’t have to worry, I know my
way around the kitchen, remember?
He kisses her and turns and walks out quickly.
Anna: (smiling) Duke… (but the door closes)        

Scene fades out...

Setting: Evening time, Anna’s house as she walks in.
Anna: Duke…
Duke: (walking in from the kitchen) That must have been a mountain of
Anna: Well, I warned you.
Duke: And I warned you too.  
Anna: Yeah, you did.
Duke: (pouting) Well, thank you very much for finally showing up, ten more
minutes and my entire my whole dinner would have been ruined. (Anna pouts)
Do I sound like a nagging housewife?
Anna: Do I look like an unappreciative man?
Duke: No, not in the least, never.  You couldn’t be anything except what you
are, a very beautiful and sexy woman.
He kisses her.
Anna: (smiling) You are good to come home to.
Duke: I’ve waited to hear that all night.
He goes to kiss her again.
Anna: Can I ask you something?
Duke: Anything.
Anna: What’s for dinner?
She spins around and takes something off a tray set on the table near the
Duke: Well, I’ll recite the menu. (he places a towel over his forearm) My name is
Duke. (they bow their heads at each other) Please… (they sit on the couch)
This evening we have Gazpacho, which is already chilling in the refrigerator.
Anna bites into a tomato.
Anna: I love Gazpacho.
Duke: And we have arugula salad, which is just waiting to be tossed.
Anna: (smiling) What’s arugula?
Duke: It’s like crazy lettuce, I don’t know.  Then we have chateaubriand just for
two, piping hot and ready to be served.
As he licks her fingers after she finishes the tomato.
Anna: You are too good to me.
Duke: (kisses her fingers) And you haven’t even had a sample yet…
Anna: But, I know it’s going to be wonderful.
Duke: Can I quote you on that? (Anna nods) Anything else you want to say
just for the record?
Anna: I would like to thank you for all the trouble you’ve gone to just for me.
Duke: I promised you I'd cook dinner, didn’t I?
He runs his fingers along her lips.
Duke: I also promised Robin that I would keep you so busy that you wouldn’t
even have time to miss her.
They kiss passionately.
Anna: Oh, what a shame your dinner is going to go to waste.
Duke: Forget about my dinner.
He rises and takes her hand to help her up.
Anna: Well, I would be an ungrateful wretch if I didn’t at least have a
conscience about it.
They are standing close to each other, as Duke has both his forearms resting
on Anna’s shoulders.
Duke: Okay, I lied.
Anna: Dinner isn’t ready?
Duke: Yeah, dinner's ready but it’s cracked crab on ice (he leads her backward
and she starts to undo his tie) champagne on ice, caviar on ice (both laughing)
everything’s on ice.
Anna: Everything is on ice.
Duke: Absolutely everything, so it’s going to keep for hours, and hours, (still
backing up, they trip on the steps near the door, laughing) and hours.
They start kissing as they back up, leading each other blindly toward the
bedroom.  Anna closes the kitchen door and Duke backs her up against the wall
and kisses her seductively.

Fade out.
Transcribed by mytom