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Being Tonja

Despite her success, she still felt something was missing in her life.  "There’s no
prayer I've ever prayed that was stronger than, 'Please bring me a husband and
children,' and it just never seemed to happen for me.  I saw Crystal Chappell have a
husband and children and I saw Jennifer have a husband and children.  I saw so
many people have husbands and children and I'm like, 'Why can't I have a husband
or children?'  While I was working, I just couldn't.  It just wasn't in the cards for
me.  As soon as I left One Life to Live, I went to California and I went to the Deepak
Chopra center, and five months later, I was married to a man that I met there.  I
think perhaps the reason that I didn't meet the right person while I was working is
because I am obsessive.  I live and breathe and eat the character I am playing.  It
just becomes enormous to me.  That's the way I work."

Now with a husband and children of her own, she is having the time of her life.  "I
figured out how to do my work and then come home and be with my kids, which
was really my dream.  That was always my dream when I was on these shows full
time, it was like I want to be able to have it all, and I just couldn't have it all at the
same time.  It just wasn't going to happen for me at that time.  So now perhaps I
can.  I'll have to see."
She pops up on television from time to time as district
attorney Grace Nancier on Passions, and in the
occasional national commercial.  Her major focus of
late has been her production company, Tonja Walker
Productions, which recently completed The Derby
Stallion, a family film starring Zak Efron from High
School Musical, Bill Cobbs from Night at the Museum,
William R. Moses, Crystal Hunt, Rob Pinkston, and
Tonja herself.  "It's truly been a two and a half year
gig and there was no time for anything else.  I've had
zero time.  The rest of the time I wanted to be with
my children."  
Her hard work has paid off.  The movie won the New
York International Independent Film and Video Festival,
the Great Lakes Independent Film Festival and the
London Children's Film Festival.  It also won the Dove
Award, and was recommended by the Christian Film
and Television Commission.  
The Derby Stallion is due
out on DVD June 5th.

With everything that's on her plate, is there any
chance of a full-time return to daytime?  "People keep
telling me, 'They're bringing everybody back to General
Hospital,' and nobody’s called me.  We'll talk to God,
we'll see what he says.  It would be a big coup.  It
would be really fun.  The only other thing that I would
be interested in doing is a talk show.  I love to talk,
obviously."  How about that empty spot on The View?  
"I need to be there."  With a track record like hers, you
suspect she could be anything and everything she
wants to be.
For more information on The Derby Stallion, visit http://www.thederbystallion.com.
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