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Country cottage.  Anna and Duke enter.
Anna: Oh… this is so lovely.
Duke: I’m glad you like it.
Anna: I love it.  Where did you find it on such short notice?
Duke: I found it about two months ago and I took a lease under an anonymous
name, of course.
Anna: Really?  Why anonymous?
Duke: In case a certain lady wanted it that way.  (Duke leans in to kiss Anna)  I
even remember the exact date.  
Anna: When was it?
Duke: About two days after we met.  I took a drive and I… I saw the sign.  So I
took a look.  And I said to myself ‘This is for Anna Devane’.  
Anna: You did?
Duke: Yeah, I did.  I knew I’d bring you here.  I’m going to put away the
groceries and chill the wine.  
Anna: Okay.
Anna walks over to the bed and is deep in thought as Duke bustles around the
kitchen putting away the groceries.
Anna: It’s perfect, Duke.  
Duke: Good.
Anna: (mumbles) Almost too perfect.
Duke: Did you say something?
Anna: Oh, I love it… I just… I love the fireplace.  I love it all.  
Duke: Are you warm enough?  
Anna is standing at the fireplace and doesn’t respond.
Duke: (louder) Are you warm enough?
Anna is startled out of her reverie and chuckles.
Duke: (smiling) I thought I saw you shiver.
Anna: Did you?
Duke: I’ll have the fire lit in a couple of minutes.
Anna: That shiver wasn’t from the cold.
Duke: What is it?
Anna: I don’t know.  I think it’s, umm, this whole thing with Frisco, probably.  
Duke: Listen.  Tonight, you just forget about that you understand?  In time,
Frisco’s going to forgive you.  He’ll realize you only did what you had to do.  
Anna: I’m not so sure.  
Duke: (shaking his head) Uh hmm … let’s leave all of our problems behind us in
Port Charles.  Okay?
Anna nods in agreement and Duke kisses her.  As Duke moves in to deepen
the kiss, Anna pulls away and Duke pauses.
Duke: It’s not only Frisco is it?  
Anna smiles uneasily.  Duke hugs Anna close.  
Anna is sitting on the floor is staring into the fireplace deep in thought.  Duke
brings over two glasses of wine and sit down on the floor beside her.  
Anna: Thank you.
Duke: You love this time of year, don’t you?
Anna: Yes, I do.  Lovely.  It’s all frosty and pretty colors.  It’s kind of like
nature telling us to all take a vacation.  
Duke: You know, Scotland’s like this, this time of year.  Of course, we don’t
have these sugar maple trees but… well, all the colors are the same.  I think
they’re probably a little softer.  I can’t wait to take you and Robin there, you
know.  There’s a remains of a castle that belonged to my family.  
Anna: Oh, she’ll love that.  Playing in the castle.  
Duke: (looking concerned at Anna)  What’s wrong?  There’s a little sadness in
your voice.  What is it?
Anna: Oh, umm, I don’t know.  Autumn’s… Autumn’s kind of melancholy as
Duke: What would you think about living there some day?  In Scotland, I
mean.  Spend the rest of our lives there and leave our past behind us.  Hmm…
Anna:  I… I want Robin raised in America though.
Duke: Ok, I'll settle for long, long vacations.  (As Duke nuzzles Anna, Anna
turns away)  What is it?  There’s that sadness again.  You know, it was with
you all the way up here on and off in the car.  
Anna: Does… umm …
Duke: Does what?
Anna: (taking a deep breath) What does L’Orlean mean to you?
Duke gets up in agitation.
Anna: Duke… you are hiding something from me.  He was right.
Duke: (growls) Who was right?
Anna: Please, I asked you a question just answer it.
Duke: L’Orlean is a part of my past and no one asks me about it and I mean no
Anna: Well, I have to.
Duke: (raising his voice) No one asks me about it.  No one would dare and I
mean no one.
Anna: Please Duke.  I told you everything about my past now I hated to do it
but… please…
Duke: I don’t have to do it.  
Anna: Duke tell me.
Duke: No, I won’t tell you.  You know why I won’t tell you because I choose not
to.  L’Orlean had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with you.  It has less to
do with the Port Charles Police Department and it is my secret and you either
accept that or I will take you back to Port Charles right now, do you understand
Duke leaves the cabin and slams the door behind him.
Anna is in the cabin alone drinking wine and deep in thought.  The front door
opens and she turns toward the door to see Duke entering the cabin.  
Duke: I… I don’t want you to say anything.  Think very, very carefully before
you speak.  You’re facing a very important decision, Anna.  A decision that may
be the most important decision in both of our lives.  
Anna: Oh… don’t give me that kind of a burden.
Duke:  In a way, I’m facing the same decision.  What you choose could change
my life.
Anna: Don’t.  
Duke: I’m sorry it has to be this way.  
Anna: (finishing her wine) Can I have another glass of wine please?  
As Duke fills her wine glass, Anna sits down on the couch.  Duke hands her the
glass and sits down on the coffee table.
Anna: Thank you.
Duke: When you accepted my ring, I thought you had no more doubts about
Anna:  The ring was supposed to symbolize honesty between us.  
Duke: Yes, it did.  
Anna: Well, I believed it.
Duke: And now there’s… there’s a wall between us.  
Anna: I didn’t put it there.  
Duke: No I did.  When you started to ask me about my past again.  
Anna: I had to.
Duke: I don’t think so.  
Anna: Well, there’s Robin.
Duke: Yeah… and there’s Robert.
Duke stands up and paces extremely agitated.
Anna: That’s over with.  It’s finished.  It’s in the past.
Duke: (demanding) Are you asking me not to be jealous of that man?
Anna: There’s absolutely no reason to be.  
Duke looks away and gets his jealousy and raging emotions under control.
Duke: (calmly walking back over to Anna)  I believe you, Anna.  I believe you.  
The past is dead and buried for both of us.  All we have is each other.  Can you
accept that?  Can you love and trust me the way I love and trust you?  
Anna: I want to.
Duke: But you have your doubts.
Anna: It’s not for myself.  I worry about Robin.
Duke: I know about that kind of love.  I die a little every day when I think of
anything happening to you or Robin.  
Anna: You promise me… you promise me you would never let anything happen
to us.
Duke: I would give up my life before I would let anyone harm either of you,
don't you know that?
Anna: It’s just… I don’t care about myself, but I have this child that means
everything to me… and… and to Robert.
Duke: (agitatedly rising again) Oh, there’s Robert again.
Anna: (rising to follow Duke) Please you have no reason to be jealous of him,
don’t you understand that?
Anna places a stalling hand at Duke’s elbow.
Duke: (angry and jealous) I’m jealous of every moment you ever spent with
that man.  Don’t you understand that?  Don’t you understand it tears me
apart when I think about you with any other man.
Anna: (raising her voice) I said it’s over.  It’s over.  
Duke: (quietly determined) I want to believe you.  I want to believe it’s over.  
You have to make a choice.  I want you to choose, Anna.  I want you to choose
between Robert and I.  Between the past and the future.  Can you do that?
Anna:  Why do I have to choose between you and Robert?  Robert’s not my
husband, he’s not even my lover.
Duke: (annoyed) Because you ask me about my past, because you ask me
about L’Orlean.  
Anna: Well, I think we’ve given each other the right to know everything there
Duke: (irritated) You know there are some things that a person can’t share
with any other human being.  Now Robert forced you to ask me about L’Orlean,
didn’t he?  
Anna: Robert is Robin’s father.  Now he does have rights to know about the
man in my life.  
Duke: (frustrated) Oh, you’re missing the point.
Anna: Then maybe you’re not making it very clear.
Duke: (demanding) Are you mine or are you Robert’s?  Now you choose.
Anna: (burying her face in her hands in frustration)  Ugh… Alright, you ask me
to choose between you and Robert.  Robert is Robin’s father, you can’t change
Duke: That’s not the choice I’m asking you to make and you know that.
Anna: (annoyed) I don’t know… don’t tell me what I know.  
Duke: Anna, I will not allow the woman that I love to be swayed by some man
from her past.  
Anna: What about the respect that I feel for Robert?  Do I just ignore that?  
What about his concern for his child?  Do I just ignore that, too?  
Duke: No.  No, I don’t want you to ignore that but you have to be free to live
your own life.
Anna: (outraged) Well, why do you think I’m here with you?  That is exactly
what I’m trying to do.  Don’t talk to me about choices, because the one thing
that is going to break up this relationship is your secrets.  
Duke: Robert was suspicious about me before we even met.
Anna: No, no, suspicious is too strong a word.  Every father has a right to be
concerned about his child and who the mother of that child is involved with.  
It's a perfectly natural reaction and I respect it.  
Duke: Well, I respect that… that concern where Robin’s concerned, but I
certainly don’t where you’re concerned. (sighs)  Now I have given Robert more
than enough time to change his personal opinion about me.
Anna: Then you might have to give him some more time.
Duke: (irritated) No.  I will not.  The only reason I even subjected myself to his
bloody scrutiny in the first place was for your sake and it was for Robin’s.  Now
I do not give a damn what he thinks.
Anna: (angry) Well, I have to!  
Duke: Which one of us do you believe, Anna?  
Anna: Why don’t you just tell me about L’Orlean?
Duke: I have told you before…
Anna: Why are you so secretive?  
Duke: (upset) I have told you before, I will say it now and I will say it for the
last time.  L’Orlean is a part of my past that I do not choose to discuss with
anyone.  And I mean anyone.  
Anna: Alright, if you insist that I make choices.  What if I asked you to choose
between me and L’Orlean?
Duke: My secret does not destroy my love for you the way Robert is destroying
your love for me.
Anna: (rolling her eyes in frustration) Ahh… I don’t know what to do.
Anna turns away.
Duke: (wrapping his arms around her from behind) I… I hate to see you torn
like this.
Anna: Then why don’t you help me?  
Duke: All I can do is love you and God knows I love you so much, Anna.  
Anna: (embracing) Oh, Duke.
Duke: I’m sorry.  I do hate to see you like this.  You know, one day maybe I’ll
be able to tell you about L’Orlean but not yet.  I can’t tell you yet.
Anna: No.  I’ve got Robert and you’ve got L’Orlean.  I wonder if we’ll be able to
survive that.  
Duke: Our love can, Anna.  I know it can.  Can you love me enough to respect
my secret?  Can you?
Anna walks out of Duke’s embrace and walks over to the fireplace.  Anna rests
her forearms on the fireplace and rests her head on her forearms.

Next scene.  Duke is returning to the cottage with firewood while Anna is sitting
on the couch deep in thought.  Anna watches Duke as he sets the logs by the
fireplace.  Duke removes his coat and then sits on the ottoman rubbing his
hands by the fire.  Anna moves over to the ottoman from the couch and
strokes Duke’s back.  
Anna: The fire’s nice.
Duke: I’m glad you’re enjoying it.  
Anna: Duke…
Duke: What?
Anna: I’ve been thinking.  
Duke: About what?
Anna: About everything you said.
Duke: I’ve been thinking about everything you said, too.
Anna: (sigh) Well, I’ll go first then.  
Duke: Please do.
Anna: I know that you’d never hurt Robin and me.  I know that in my heart.  
Duke: (turning to face Anna) That covers a lot of territory.
Anna: Now if you tell me… that L’Orlean has nothing to do with me.  Then I will
believe you.
Duke: It has nothing to do with you.  
Anna: Alright, I believe you.
Duke: Prayers don’t come easy to me, Anna.  That’s what I’ve been doing.  I’ve
been praying that you believe me about L’Orlean.  
Anna and Duke share a gentle kiss.
Duke: You know, when I was outside collecting the wood.  I looked up at the
stars and imagined what life would be like without you.  
Anna: Yeah, I did the same thing.
Duke: Well, I couldn’t.  Every time I… every time I tried, I faced a blackness in
my soul.
Anna: I have one chance at love.  It was a disaster and I didn’t think I’d have
another chance my whole life until you came along.  And I was trying to look
beyond you and I saw nothing.
Duke: Perhaps you saw the same blackness I saw in my soul.  
Anna and Duke share another gentle kiss.
Duke: One question.
Anna: Mmm hmm… what?
Duke: How will you deal with Robert now?  
Anna: (getting up) I won’t. I won’t.  I’ll just let him be his own man and
hopefully he’ll let me be my own woman.  I know that nothing is going to
happen to Robin.  That is the only thing keeping him from interfering in our
Duke: (rising to approach Anna) I understand that.  Do you think he’ll fight our
Anna: He can’t.  He asked me to make up my mind about you and I have.
Duke is satisfied and relieved.  Anna and Duke share a deep passionate kiss.
Duke: I think it’s safe to look forward to the future now, don’t you?
Anna: Yes. Oh, yes.  
Duke: Come here.  
Anna and Duke go to sit down in front of the fireplace, sharing a kiss as they
do.  Anna is content as is Duke.
Duke: (hugging Anna to his side) I’ve been thinking about all the great times
we’ll have… you, me, Robin… when we’re in Scotland.  I do know this much,
Anna: What?
Duke: My life started the moment we first danced together.
Anna: (amused) Oh… oh, mine started a little before then.  
Duke: When?
Anna: When you picked up my scarf, actually.  It was so romantic.  Who would
have thought that a Policemen’s Ball would’ve turned into an enchanted
Duke: (amused) Enchantment… that’s a good word for it.  I realized that
whatever happened before that night in my life was dead and gone.  
Anna: Umm hmm. Yeah.  My life began again that night, too.  
Duke: Are you free of Robert now?
Anna: No.  I won’t be free of him until he leaves Port Charles.  Robin’s such a
link, you see.  
Duke: How much longer do you think… he’ll be here?  I thought he had a
charming wife waiting for him in Australia.
Anna: Holly?  Yeah, she’s charming.  I don’t know.  As soon as he finds out
there’s no threat to Robin, then he’ll go.  Can’t really blame him for that, can
Duke: No.  No, I can’t.
Anna is sitting on the floor staring into the fireplace.  Duke sits behind her on
the ottoman.
Duke: What do you see in the fire?  
Anna: I don’t know.  The embers they… they make such shapes and forms.
Duke: Yeah.  They do?
Anna: I thought I saw Robin’s face a minute ago.
Duke: (amused) Well, I wish you had told me.  I’d have liked to have seen it,
Anna: Duke…
Duke: What?
Anna: You know that Robin is never far from my mind.
Duke: Go on…
Anna: Well, when we get married… she’ll be safe, won’t she?
Duke: I swear it.
Anna: I mean, I know you’re under a lot of pressure.  I know that.
Duke: Do you see this ring I’m wearing?  
Anna: Yeah, I meant to ask you about that.  
Duke: Well, let me see.  What would I call him?
Anna: Who?
Duke: I think I’d probably call him a patron saint.  Yeah, Angus is a patron
saint.  He gave me his word that everything is going to be alright.  This is a
Scottish ring.  It’s a symbol of trust.  Angus gave me his word and I’m content
to ride on it.  
Anna: (turning towards Duke) Oh, good.  I’m glad.  Now, I’m like Robin.  I want
more stories of castles and dragons and Scotland.  More.
Duke: (smiling) I can see Robin in your face.  
Anna: Oh, I know.  She’s so happy.  The joy she has in living every single day.  
I feel that right now.  It’s because of you.
Anna and Duke share a passionate kiss.

Next scene.  Anna and Duke are in a passionate embrace and kissing deeply.
Duke: From this moment on, we live only in the present.
Anna: Yes, only in the present.  
Anna leads Duke to the bed.
Duke: There’s a sonnet my mother loved.  There’s a line I remember.  It’s for
us now.  
Anna: What is it?
Duke: Love is not love which alters, when it alterations finds.  
Anna: That’s lovely.
Duke: It is for us.  Our love has won through.  
Anna: Nothing will alter that now.
Duke: (showering Anna with kisses)  You’re right, my love.  Love... that’s what
tonight is for.
Duke lays Anna down on the bed and they slowly kiss.
Transcribed by LWLouie