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Setting:  Duke and Anna walking along the docks.

Anna: Um, Thank you for dinner, it was lovely.
Duke: I thought fish and chips would be a good call.  Remind us both where
we come from.
Anna: Yes.
Duke: Of course, also take my mind off this election.
Anna: You know being in politics can be a bit rough.  Do you think it’s worth it
just to be president?
Duke: Yeah, I hope it is.  I guess I’ll find out by the end of the week.
Anna: I've heard that there's some criminal activity within the union.
Duke: I’ve heard the same thing.  The outgoing President has ordered an
audit of the books.  Who knows what's gonna show up?
Anna: Well it certainly doesn’t sound like much fun.  Maybe you ought to leave
the job to Jimmy Lee anyway.
Duke: There a tough bunch a men.  A country boy like Jimmy Lee could never
handle it. (smiles)
Anna: And you can?
Duke: I’d like to think so.
Anna: Do you think that there's any mob activity within the union?
Duke: It’s possible.
Anna: Oh dear, they play dirty, they play for keeps, Duke.
Duke looks at Anna, takes her chin in his hand.
Duke: Do you really care what happens to me?
Anna: You must know that I do. (she takes his hand)
Duke: I’m beginning to think so.  The games are over, Anna.
He takes her head in both his hands and lowers his lips to hers and they kiss
each other.
Duke: I’ll take you home.  We can finish what we started.
Anna: I think perhaps we ought to finish at the door... say goodnight at the
Duke: You won’t even offer me a nightcap?
Anna: No, I don’t think that’s wise. (smiles)
Duke: One little brandy?
Anna: Well I can give it to you in a paper cup, you can drink it on your way
Duke: You’re giving me a run for my money, Anna Devane.
Anna: You haven’t seen anything yet.  
She smiles at him, takes his hand and they begin to walk off.

Fade out.
Transcribed by mytom