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It all begins at the Policemen's Ball.  The beautiful but dateless Chief of Police
Anna Devane is standing by the bar alone, quietly singing along to "Someone to
Watch Over Me".  She absently lets her wrap drop to the floor behind her.  A
handsome and mysterious stranger promptly picks it up and places it around
her shoulders.  She turns around and her life changes forever... (View
Policemen's Ball)  

The stranger is Scotsman Duke Lavery, and Anna is utterly intrigued.  The
electricity between the two is palpable, and it is obvious that a connection has
been made.  

The spell is soon broken when Anna learns of Duke's association with the
recently arrested Angel Moran, Duke's loyal friend and confidant. (View
Post-Policemen's Ball)  Underneath the facade of an upstanding citizen and
nightclub owner, Duke Lavery is a man of many secrets.  One of which is his
heavy mob involvement, in connection with which he is laundering large sums of
money through his business.

Duke is the mob's man in Port Charles, and he quickly ingratiates himself with
the locals by joining the Waterfront Redevelopment Committee, where he and
Anna go toe to toe on the issue of expansion of the harbor.  After a particularly
heated debate, they share their first kiss. (View
Waterfront Meeting)  Duke also
runs for president of the dockworkers' union with the help of Angel and Felicia
Jones, who is his assistant at the club. (View
Duke's Campaigns)  He also
promptly wins the heart of Anna's seven year old daughter, Robin Scorpio, just
as she wins his. (View
Lunch with Robin)

Anna is initially suspicious of Duke, and conducts a thorough investigation of
his background, which turns up nothing. (View
Cat and Mouse)  Despite Anna's
concerns, her friend and Robin's live-in nanny/ "grandmother" Filomena
encourages the couple along the way, as does most of Port Charles.  Sparks fly
as they flirt and spar, but Duke wins Anna over with his charming yet
no-nonsense manner, and by bringing out the warm and vulnerable woman
Anna had buried underneath her cold Chief of Police persona.  They
consummate their relationship the night Duke wins the election. (View
The Night
Before the Morning After)

Anna and Duke fall madly in love while Duke tries desperately to extricate
himself from the mob. (View
"I Love You, Anna Devane")  He attempts to end
things with Anna for her protection, but he cannot stay away from her. (View
Destiny's Child, Parts
1, 2 and 3)  Their growing romance captivates the whole
town when they tango at Duke's club. (View
First Tango)  Meanwhile, the
unseen Mr. Big, head of the mob, is watching Operation Tumble Dry closely.
When PCPD rookie Frisco Jones and Felicia stumble upon an incriminating
computer printout, a hit is ordered on them.  Duke saves their lives by sending
them on the run for a crime they didn't commit.

Duke scrambles to cover his knowledge of Frisco and Felicia's whereabouts,
while an increasingly frustrated Anna begins to crack under political pressure
associated with their disappearance.  Mr. Big orders Duke to propose to Anna,
and Duke is torn, because although he'd love nothing more than to marry
Anna, he doesn't want to do it with the mob breathing down his neck.  Anna is
thrilled with the engagement. (View
The Proposal)

Anna's ex-husband and former Police Commissioner Robert Scorpio returns to
town when Robin calls him to protect her mother from some men she
overheard in the park who were talking about killing Anna.  Duke deals with the
source of the threat, but is now concerned that Robert may try to win Anna
back, despite the fact that Anna feels only friendship for Robert.  Robert is
focused on Anna and Robin's safety, and uncovering the secrets lurking on the
Port Charles waterfront, including Duke's.  In the course of his investigation, he
tracks down Frisco and Felicia and brings them home.  

Robert's inquiries anger Damon Grenville, Mr. Big's representative in Port
Charles.  Grenville gives orders that Anna's house be firebombed.  Luckily,
Robert intercepts the bomb and no one is at home anyway, so nothing is hurt.  
An enraged Duke snaps and beats the tar out of Grenville, and decides to turn
state's evidence against the mob. (View
Damon Pays)  He confesses all to
Co-Chief of Police Bert Ramsey, but it turns out that the mild-mannered
Ramsey is really Mr. Big himself.  When Duke hears Ramsey order a hit on him
as Mr. Big, Duke attacks him.  They struggle over Bert's gun, and Bert is shot,
but survives. (View
Right Words, Wrong Person)  Duke is arrested.

Anna's excitement over her engagement turns to despair when it is revealed
that Duke is in bed with the mob, and that he proposed to her under their
orders.  The engagement is broken, and both are devastated.  Duke goes to
jail, revealing that the true identity of Mr. Big is Chief Ramsey. (View The
Interrogation, Parts
1, 2, 3, and 4)

Anna refuses to listen to him, but Robert eventually believes Duke, and along
with Anna, Frisco, Felicia and Sean helps him escape from custody to protect
him. (See The Escape, Parts
1, 2 and 3)  Duke hides out at their cottage as
Anna's prisoner. (See Same Cottage, Different Circumstances, Parts
1, 2, 3 and
4)  Scorpio devises a plan to trap Ramsey by faking Duke's death, and having
Frisco gather the necessary information once Duke is safely out of the way.  
Anna is not aware of the full extent of the plan to fake Duke's death, and is
shocked when Ramsey does the shooting instead of Robert, as she believed
was the plan. (View
Ramsey Shooting)  She is terrified until she learns
Ramsey's gun was loaded with blanks.  She goes to Duke's hiding place in the
catacombs, and confesses that she still loves him, although they cannot be
together because of his crimes. (View
The Catacombs)

Later, when Anna and Robert finally bust Ramsey and the Tumble Dry operation
thanks to the information Duke provides, Robert is the target of a hit.  Duke
takes a bullet for Robert and ends up paralyzed. (View
Duke Takes a Bullet)  He
eventually recovers after surgery at General Hospital with the support of his
Anna, who realizes that she cannot live without him.  Their many friends stand
behind the couple all the way.

After much debate and turmoil, Duke decides to turn state's evidence, despite
the danger to himself. (View State's Evidence, Parts
1 and 2)  He secures the
protection of Anna and Robin by promising his father, top mobster Angus
McKay, that he will keep the deep, dark secret of L'Orlean.  McKay cannot
guarantee his son's safety, but Duke only cares that Anna and Robin are
When Anna Met Duke