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Trouble in Paradise
The Laverys happily settle into family life, and look forward to long overdue
domestic tranquility, but unbeknownst to them, Angel has unwittingly rented
Duke's penthouse to a mob bookie named Carruthers.  Carruthers takes action
from Robin's best friend's father, Andy Matthews-- a football player with major
financial problems.  When Andy suddenly dies, his last request is that Duke
collect on his big win to secure his daughter's future, which would otherwise be
grim.  Duke reluctantly agrees, but when he goes to collect, he learns that
Carruthers has skipped town with the money.  A furious Duke contacts Victor
Jerome-- the bookie's boss-- to collect, and Victor gives him the money.  

Unfortunately, it comes with a price of its own.  Jerome demands that Duke kill
Carruthers for dishonoring the family, but Duke refuses, saying he would never
kill anyone.  Jerome puts him on a deadline, and Duke struggles to find a way to
satisfy Victor without killing Carruthers and without endangering his family.  
Danger finds the Lavery household anyway.

On January 18, Anna is kidnapped by escaped psychopath Grant Putnam-- a.k.a.
the Snowman-- who is seeking revenge against Robert Scorpio.  Putnam had
intended to take Robin, but Anna interrupts the attempt, and he takes her
instead, killing Filomena in the process.  Having witnessed all of this, Robin drops
into a state of catatonia, and is unable to tell anyone what happened that night.  

Duke is frantic about Anna's disappearance, and wrongly believes that Jerome is
behind the kidnapping.  He goes to Jerome and demands his wife back, and
Jerome tells him if he wants her back, he knows what he must do. (View
Snowman)  Duke finds and delivers Carruthers to Jerome, saying that they can
do what they want with him, but Duke still refuses to kill him.  The bookie is killed
anyway when he gets into a scuffle with Duke over a gun.  Jerome informs a
stunned Duke that he is now family, whether he likes it or not.  Duke is enraged
to learn that Jerome isn't behind Anna's kidnapping, but Jerome agrees to help
in the search for Anna.

Newly installed Police Commissioner Scorpio has no success in his own search for
Anna, and he is giving Duke a hard time about the whole incident, not to
mention Duke's secrecy about source of the information he is getting.  Duke is
angry and even more secretive when he spots his criminal file on Robert's desk.  
Robert won't tell Duke anything about the investigation.  Duke grows
increasingly desperate, and relies on a sympathetic Felicia for any PCPD news.  
Things get tense between Robert and Duke as distrust takes over, and it
becomes a race to see who can find Anna first.  With the help of Victor's son
Julian, Duke soon learns Anna's whereabouts and rushes off to find her.  

Robert trails Duke and Julian to Anna's location, getting to her before Duke does
when Duke's car breaks down.  Anna had been wandering in freezing
temperatures overnight, and is suffering from severe hypothermia and related
heart issues.  Her condition is dire when she arrives at General Hospital, but she
recovers and returns home to Duke and Robin, and a hyperprotective Scorpio,
who is making their lives difficult with his constant and annoying security checks.
Rudely Interrupted)  Duke is furious, but reconsiders when it seems his
renewed mob ties could bring danger from the rival Carter family, who leave two
bodies in the basement at Duke's club as a warning.  Duke and Angel dispose of
the bodies and cover up the entire incident.

Duke is now caught up in a mob war between the Jerome and Carter families,
and his life is saved when Julian takes a bullet meant for him.  Julian's dying wish
is that Duke clean up the mob and turn it legitimate.  Not one to refuse a dying
man's wish, Duke again makes a promise that will be his undoing.  Duke
becomes a kingpin of the Jerome family, and begins work on a plan to turn the
mob legit.  His partner in this endeavor is Victor's beautiful daughter Olivia, an
interior decorator and art gallery owner, who soon reveals designs not just on
mob power but on the handsome Mr. Lavery. (View
Anna Meets Olivia)

Duke's mob headquarters in New York City is the newly opened Club Duke, and
he spends increasing amounts of time there, to Anna's disappointment and
concern. (View
Big Fight)  When Anna's investigation of a disappearance leads to
the bodies the Carter family left in Duke's basement, she is crushed to learn of
Duke's renewed mob ties, and demands a separation.  Both Anna and Duke are
devastated. (View
The Breakup)  Anna refuses to even speak to Duke, and Duke
takes up residence in his clubs.  When he arrives at their house to visit Anna, he
is greeted by a police guard who refuses to let him in, not recognizing him.  

Duke falls deep into despair, and heads to New York where he sets off on a
drinking binge that leaves him blacked out in bed with the scheming Olivia.  He
awakens the next morning with no memory, but very upset at what seems to
have taken place.  Olivia is thrilled by this turn of events, and plays the part of
the sympathetic one night stand to the hilt.  

Anna soon approaches Duke about working with him to compile a dossier on the
Jerome family in order to destroy them and free Duke from their hold.  She says
she will call off the separation if he complies, confessing that she still loves him.
Reconciliation)  Duke agrees to help, hopeful about a reconciliation with
Anna, but eaten up by the knowledge of what has happened with Olivia.  He tells
Anna everything about his night with Olivia, and she is upset, but forgives him.  
They reconcile joyfully, despite the looming mob menace, and a happy Anna tells
Duke she wants to have his baby.  Duke is thrilled. (View
The Cabin)

Victor soon learns that Anna has been spying on the organization and demands
she prove her loyalty by fencing the Aquarius diamond.  She does this with the
help of Scorpio, who is now privy to her mission and agrees to help.  Impressed
by her loyalty, Jerome names Duke and Anna the co-heads of the Jerome family,
and Olivia freaks out. (View
Meet the New Bosses)

Olivia tells Duke she is pregnant just before Anna also tells Duke she is
pregnant. (View
Anna's News)  Duke is torn between being upset by Olivia's
news and feeling tremendous joy at Anna's.  With the help of Alan Quartermaine,
it is determined that Olivia lied about the pregnancy.  

Olivia is furious, and begins to stalk the Laverys, seeking revenge on Duke.  She
makes menacing anonymous phone calls to Anna, and hires a man to leave a
poisonous snake in her room, which Anna luckily discovers before anyone is hurt.
The Snake, and Enough, Parts 1 and 2)  She also anonymously sends
Robin a pair of lovebirds, and later tells her that if the daddy bird dies, the
mommy will die too because they love each other so much.  She arranges for
one of the birds to be killed, to Robin's great distress.  Duke and Anna know
who is responsible and each confronts Olivia, threatening her life if she goes near
their family again. (View
Confronting Olivia)

Olivia responds by hiring someone to rig the elevator in Duke's club to crash and
then electrocute the intended occupant, Duke.  However, it is Anna who steps
into the elevator instead.  A horrified Duke hears the crash and races to her,
prying open the elevator doors before she can be electrocuted. (View
Elevator)  Anna survives the crash, but their baby does not, leaving both Anna
and Duke completely destroyed. (View
The Miscarriage)  Anna seeks revenge on

On the heels of her miscarriage, Anna leaves her hospital bed to confront Olivia
at gunpoint in her room at the Port Charles Hotel.  Downstairs, a major meeting
of the Carter and Jerome families is taking place.  Robert, Sean and the PCPD are
on hand to bust them, but little do they suspect they'll soon have another crime
scene on their hands.  Duke discovers that Anna is missing from her hospital
room, and figures out that she must be at the hotel.  Olivia is on her knees
begging Anna for her life when Anna is suddenly distracted by a knock at the
door-- the lights go out and Olivia pushes her into the hallway.  Shots are fired
and Olivia is down.  A distraught Duke rushes to Anna's side, and Robert and
Sean arrive on the scene soon after. (View
The Reckoning)

Duke is the only one who fully believes Anna is innocent.  Robert has her
arrested when she is released from the hospital. (View
Anna is Charged)  She
does jail time while her near constant visitor Duke works with Robert on finding
the real gunman, which could be any number of people who were on the scene
that night.  Along the way, Duke learns that Julian Jerome is still alive and may
be involved. (View
Duke on a Mission)  An angry Duke brings Julian back to Port
Charles. (View
Duke TCB)  Eventually, Victor Jerome's girlfriend Dimitra reveals
that her son, Olivia's henchman Dino was the one that shot her.  Anna is cleared
and the Laverys are home for a very merry Christmas.