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Anna and Duke are walking hand in hand along the docks.  Anna is upset
because her good friend Sean, who is involved in a relationship with Monica, is a
suspect in the disappearance of Alan Quartermaine, Monica’s husband.
Anna: I’ve known Sean all this time and I would hate to think I was wrong
about him after all of these years.
Duke: Trust your instincts, Anna.
Anna: Instincts don’t count for anything with the evidence that I heard today.
Duke: What, do you doubt Sean after all of these years?
Anna: (letting go of Duke’s hand and getting flustered) I don’t know. I… how
can I accuse him of killing someone? You know, all of those years that we spent
together in the WSB.  We… we… we built, we built a strong bond.
A truck passes in front of them.
Anna: Now, you know, I… I don’t want to throw that away.  It would be like
throwing away a part of myself.
They continue walking.
Duke: Well, it seems to me as if you’re talking as if Sean is in this alone.  I
mean how do you know Monica Quartermaine isn’t implicated?
Anna: I don’t know Monica, but she’d never kill anyone.
They stop walking and face each other.  Duke’s hands are in his pockets.
Duke: Passion can do strange things to a person, Anna.
Anna: Monica’s a doctor.
Duke: Well, then you’ll have to come up with some other explanation.
Anna: Oh, well, I don’t know why I bother to talk to you.  I… I really don’t know
why I even bother…
While looking at Duke, Anna starts to walk off in the other direction.  A truck
speeds past.  Anna screams.  Duke grabs Anna and pulls her to him, away
from the truck, preventing her from being hit.  Duke has one arm around Anna’
s back and is holding her close.  Anna breathes heavily and raises her hands to
her face.  Duke holds her head and starts kissing her forehead, her cheek, her
mouth.  He then pulls his head back and looks her in the eyes.
Duke: I love you, Anna Devane!
Anna: Oh! (smiling) Oh, I love you too!
Duke: I love you! I love you!
Anna giggles.  They kiss breathlessly and passionately.  Duke kisses Anna’s
cheek as she looks out over his shoulder.  They kiss again while holding each
other tightly.
Angel hesitantly approaches from behind Anna.
Angel: I’m sorry Duke, but uh… I’m sorry but something’s come up that needs
your attention.
Duke looks at Angel over Anna’s shoulder.  Duke and Anna continue to hold
each other.
Duke: (swinging his arm behind Anna’s back to tell Angel to leave) It can wait
Angel: No, no.  It can’t, Duke.  It can’t. We’ve got a problem with the help.
Anna (to Duke): It's alright.
Duke: Are you sure?
Anna: Yes, yes.
Duke: Are you sure?  Are you sure?
They look at each other.  Duke holds Anna’s face in his hands.  She kisses
him.  They look at each other again.  Anna moves her hand along Duke’s
shoulder and down his arm to his hand.  Anna nods.  Duke nods.
Duke: Talk to you later?
Anna: Yes.
Duke: Okay.
Duke kisses Anna and then hugs her.  She hugs him back.  Duke reluctantly
walks away with Angel.
Angel (to Duke as they walk off): We’ve got a problem with the help.
Anna steps back and watches Duke leave, trying to catch her breath.  She
clutches her chest, and then puts her hands to her mouth, never taking her
eyes off of him.
Transcribed by marie71