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When Duke testifies against the Jerome family, he is holed up in a shabby hotel
room in New York City to avoid any potential threats to his life.  On top of that,
there's no electricity.  Robert arranges for a visit from Anna, which would end
up being the last time they spend together before the night of the warehouse
explosion.  In this scene, they have some dinner sent up to the room, and
begin to discuss the future.

Duke: Ah.
Guard: Here’s your food Mr. Lavery.
Duke: Thank you.  It smells delicious.
Guard: Yeah.  Your change is in the bag there.
Duke: Right.
Guard: enjoy.
Duke: Thank you very much.  I appreciate it.  Bye.
The guard leaves and Duke locks the door.  Anna enters.
Anna: Oh, food—very nice!
Duke: Yeah, look at this.
He unfolds a newspaper for placemats.
Duke: We’ve got this delicious French food, a nice bottle of wine.  Some real
linen tablecloths.  It’s almost like being on the left bank.
Anna: Paris.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be there?
Duke: Yeah… Well… Bon appétit, mademoiselle.
She begins to eat with a plastic fork, as Duke uncorks the wine.
Duke: You okay?
Anna: (nods, then softly) Yeah.
Duke: You’re awfully quiet.
Anna: Well… I’m alright, I just...  I don’t want anything really to spoil this
Duke: What is it?  Are you thinking about tomorrow?
Anna: No.  I’m thinking about after tomorrow.
Duke: Well… after tomorrow we leave this beautiful place and we get to go
Anna: For how long?  You’re putting a lot of powerful and dangerous men in jail
and they’ve already explained to you the consequences.  
Duke: I thought we weren’t gonna…(nervous laugh)  talk about this, come on…
Anna: We have to talk about this.  I mean, what are we gonna do after the
trial?  We have to disappear from here.  We have to go into the witness
protection program, you know that.
Duke: Well at the moment, it’s only an option.
Anna: It’s not safe for you anywhere, Duke.  Robert’s already explained that to
Duke: Yeah well, you know, I wish he hadn’t done that.
Anna: Well he did do that.  He doesn’t want anything to happen to his
Duke: Anna, co—I would… I don’t want anything to happen to Robin either.  
Maybe she should stay with him.
Anna: Yeah.  He said that to her too.
Duke: How do you feel about that?
Anna: How do you think I feel?  I feel terrible.  I mean, she may never see her
father again.  She may never see me again.  A little child having to make a
decision like that?  
Duke: I… Anna, I… wish I could make things different from what they are.  
Maybe I should… should I go away on my own?  Maybe I should do that…
Anna slides her chair closer to him and touches his arm.
Anna: You mustn’t say that.  
Duke: Well that way, Robin could have both you and her father.  
Anna: I married you for better or for worse.  
Duke: Yeah.  But you didn’t marry me so that you could give up everything else
that you love, did you?
Anna: (near tears) You are everything I love.  No matter what Robin decides… I
can’t leave you.  
They hug.
Transcribed by Hazel