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Setting: Duke’s Club with Anna, Robin and friends present.
Anna: (walks up to the podium) First, I'd really just like to thank you all for
coming, not just for myself and Robin, but for Duke as well.  Ah, this is so
difficult. (Anna breathes) Well, (choked up) he was everything a Scotsman was
supposed to be, very serious on the outside but more than a little shy on the
inside, wouldn’t you say? (looking at Robin) He would have been terribly
embarrassed that we were getting here together to talk about what a great
man he was.  He would have been pleased, but very embarrassed.  He would
have sooner died then let something like that (she stops and realizes) so he did.

I’m sorry, I really can’t get over how unfair it is to lose someone when you’ve
been together for such a short time.  I don’t know what I’m going to do you
see, because he used to put so much into one little day, and I loved him.  He
was very sentimental (smiles) and he cared about everyone close to him and he
would do anything for anyone in trouble.  It’s really ironic really the way we
met, at a police ball, where I was being honored for something or the other and
as soon as I saw him, that was it for me, basically, it was over. (smiles at Robin
who has tears coming down her face)  He didn’t say anything to anyone, but I
knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, and then suddenly he
wasn’t there and I thought I wouldn’t see him again, but I did that night, didn’t
I? (she looks at Angel) I was booking someone, funnily enough who now is a
very good friend of the family’s and in walked Mr. Duke Lavery to bail him out.  
See, I was chief of police at the time but it really didn’t change they way I felt
about him.  I mean, I knew he was going to be trouble. (Laughing, as the
camera goes to Katherine who has tears in her eyes) Um, he never tried to hide
his past, and he never apologized for it.  He said he couldn’t change that, you
see, that's what he used to say but what he could change, he did and that was
his future.  

I'd like to be able to say (Robin sad) that as soon as we got married you know,
we, we lived happily ever after.  He was able to get away from the mob, but you
see life doesn’t happen that way.  Even after his father died, the mob still
considered that he was one of their own, and Victor Jerome was determined to
bring him back into the family business (Robert’s face) and eventually pass it
on to him.  But Duke was determined that he was going to end that connection
the only way he knew how, which was by making it cease to exist and you all
know what happened.  Even the press if you have the guts to admit it. (Press
faces) He became an informant for the police, and his testimony broke the mob
and he died.  Now, I’m sure some of you may wonder why he didn’t find a
better way of getting out of the mob, other than seeming to go along with it,
but what I don’t understand is why some of you could have accused  him of
still being a member of that organization.  Now, I know because I was there.  I
was in some of those meetings with Jerome, so I know what went on.  I can tell
you, he wanted to protect us.  He wanted that violence to end and he died
believing in that. (Terri crying) Now we knew that his testimony was a death
sentence, so Duke, Robin and I agreed that we would go into the witness
protection program and (crying) we almost made it. (Robin crying)  I’m sorry,
but you see he was betrayed (crying) I’m sorry, one of the federal agents
(wiping her tears) said that the meeting place had changed and there was an
ambush ahead and all  he could think of was that Robin and I would walk into it.
(Robin crying)  So he ran to stop it and there was a trap, but you see it wasn’t
for us, it was for Duke (crying) and he died trying to save us.  Now, that next
morning when I went home there was a bouquet of white roses hanging on our
door and that means that it’s a sign (she looks at Angel nodding her head)
that the vendetta is settled and the war is over.  Duke wanted that violence to
end and now it has. (Shaking her head lightly) I can’t help but think that he
feels his death is a fair price to pay that Robin and I are alright.  (Robin crying,
Anna crying) Well, I don’t agree with him (wiping her tears) because I want him
back (Robin crying) and I will be forever proud to call myself MRS. DUKE

Anna walks back to her seat crying.  Terri walks to the podium and sings Loch
Lomond as the camera goes to Duke’s picture then back on Robin who is now
sitting on Anna’s lap and the two are trying to keep it together.  Camera goes
to Duke’s picture again and fades out.
Transcribed by mytom