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Duke is sitting on the edge of Anna’s bed getting dressed and watching Anna.  
Anna wakes up with a start and is slightly disoriented.
Duke: I was watching you sleep.  You’re so beautiful.
Anna: It makes me feels a little strange actually being watched without knowing
it.  What time is it?
Duke: I can understand you feeling that way if you’re being watched by a total
Anna: With anyone.  
Duke: Something’s bothering you.  What is it?  
Anna: Nothing’s bothering me.  I don’t know… I think it just has something to
do with my training.  
Duke: Are you sorry about last night?
Anna: No.  
Duke: Then what?
Anna: I don’t know.  I have to think.
Duke: Well…
Anna: I don’t want to tell you right now.  
Duke: Why not now?
Anna: Because… it might sound unpleasant and I don’t want that.
Duke: Oh, risk it Anna.
Duke gets up from the edge of the bed.  Anna wraps the bed sheet around her
body and follows him up.
Anna: Alright, it’s… just… that… just because of last night doesn’t mean that I
always will be available.  
Duke: Neither am I.  Don’t play games with me.
Anna: I’m not.  
Duke: We’re adults.  We’ve both waited along time for last night… a hell of a
long time.  Too much time.
Duke leans in and kisses Anna passionately.
Anna: Does that… is that suppose to mean that I have to take back every thing
I just said?
Duke: I wouldn’t mind if you did.
Anna: You know, you’re a very possessive man.
Duke: So what?
Anna: Well, I am my own woman and I don’t like possessive men.  
Duke: I think you’d grow to like them, my darling.
Anna: Never, my darling.  
Duke: (chuckles) We’ll see.
Anna: Yes, we shall.  
Duke: You may put your badge back on now, Anna.  At least until the next time
I see you.  
Anna: (laughs) You’re impossible.
Duke: I think perhaps we both are, but it does liven things up a bit, don’t you
think?  Well, I have to say goodbye now.  I have to go.  Would a…  tender
goodbye kiss upset you too much?  
Anna: (smiling) We shall have to see.
Anna and Duke share a nice passionate kiss.  
Duke: I’ll be thinking about you all day long.  
Duke leaves and Anna is left alone in her room.
Anna: (speaking to herself) You must try very hard not to think about him all
day long.  
Anna notices Duke’s watch on the dresser and picks it up to return it.
Anna: (calling out)  Oh… Duke.
Anna sees that Duke has already left and holds onto the watch.

Next scene.  Flowers are being delivered to Anna’s home.
Anna: These are gorgeous.  Thank you.  Will you just wait one second?
Anna takes the flowers and goes to her purse to get a tip for the delivery
Anna: (handing over the tip) Here we are.  This is for you.  
Delivery Person: Thank you.
Anna: Thank you very much.  Bye bye.  (Anna shuts the door and goes over to
pick up the bouquet and smells the flowers) Oh… heather.
Anna picks up Duke’s watch again and is in thought when the door bell rings.  
She puts down the watch and goes to the door to check the peephole.  
Anna: (opening the door) Sandy… hello.  
Sandy: Hi.
Anna: Come in.  How are you?
Sandy: (walking into the living room) Thanks.  You got a minute?
Anna: You bet.  For you, anytime.
Sandy: Oh, the flowers.  I ran into the delivery guy outside.
Anna: Aren’t they gorgeous?
Sandy: They’re great.
Anna: I’m just wondering where to put them now.
Sandy: Well, aren’t you chipper this morning?
Anna: Yes, I am.
Sandy: Let me guess, you talked to Robin.
Anna: No… umm, no it’s the flowers they just made me remember that it’s
summer and there’s flowers out in the park and that the birds are singing and
all that good stuff you forget about, you know.  
Sandy: Yeah, it’s definitely a good day.  
Anna: Yes, it is.  Now, why don’t you sit down and tell me why you’re here.  
Sandy: Oh, okay.
Anna: Come on.
Anna and Sandy go over to sit on the couch.
Sandy: Well, I wanted to talk to you about my dad and this time it’s good
Anna: You’ve just come from seeing him?
Sandy: Yes.  Anna, he’s different today.  He’s just with it.  I don’t know and
Dr. Linga thinks he’s reached a turning point.
Anna: That is wonderful.  
Sandy: And he’s starting to look to the future.
Anna: That’s so important.
Sandy: That’s why I came to see you.  
Anna: Yes.
Sandy: Look, I know you’re a busy person, Anna.
Anna: Well, actually, you’ve caught me on not a very busy day.  I don’t have to
go to the office until later on.  
Sandy: Oh, great.  Then could you come by and see my dad?
Anna: Of course.  Yeah.
Sandy: Oh, great.  I think that would just lift him up even more.  
Anna: Well, you know I… I’ve been planning on doing that actually.
Sandy: He’s just… I don’t know, Anna.  He just lights up when he sees you.  
Anna: Robin and I owe him more than we’ll ever be able to repay.  
Sandy: Well, I know I owe him a lot, too.  
Anna: I have a couple of errands to do down by the waterfront and then I’ll go
by the rehab center.
Sandy: Oh, great.  I’ll probably see you there.  
Sandy and Anna get up from the couch and Sandy hugs Anna.
Anna: Awww….
Sandy: Thanks, Anna.  Bye.
Anna: Bye bye.  
Sandy leaves.  Anna looks at the flowers happily and decides to take a sprig of
heather from the bouquet and pins it to her dress.

Next scene.  Duke and Damon are in Duke’s office.  There’s a knock at the door.
Duke: (calling out) Yes.  
Anna enters.
Duke: (surprised) Anna.
Anna: Hi.  Sorry to interrupt.
Duke is positively beaming.  Anna walks over to Damon and Duke.
Anna: (offering her hand) Hello, Mr. Grenville, nice to see you again.  
Damon: (shaking her hand) It’s my pleasure, Ms. Devane.  
Anna: Umm… there was no one outside.
Duke: It’s quite alright.  Please…
Anna: Actually, I… I came around to congratulate you on your election last
night, Duke.
Duke: Oh, thank you.  (teasingly) Yeah, last night was very special for me.  
Anna: Was it really?
Duke: (smiling broadly) Yes.  
Anna: (to Damon) See, I… I had no idea how much this election meant to Duke.
Damon: Well, his friends and associates are all very proud of him.  
Duke: Hmm… thank you.
Anna: I get the feeling that he’s going to be a very, very conscientious
president which is part of the reason I came around.  I wondered if I could have
a look at some of the plans for expanding the harbor.  
Damon: (directing Anna towards Duke’s desk) Well, perhaps you’d like to take
a look at something over here, Ms. Devane.
Anna: Yes, I’d love to, but do call me Anna.
Damon: If it’s to be Damon, I shall.
Anna: (to Duke) You have such charming associates, Duke.
Duke: (smiling broadly) Oh, thank you.  
Anna: Now, what do you want to show me?  
Damon: The plans for the Fisherman’s Village.  Here look.  
Anna: Hmm… oh my gosh.  It’s very impressive.  
Duke: It should bring revenue and more jobs to Port Charles.  
Damon: And new jobs are very important.  Haven’t you found that the higher
the employment rate the lower the crime rate?
Anna: Well, yes… I’ve also found that where there’s more money, there’s more
crime.  This a… This really does look very attractive.  Part of your dream, Duke?
Duke: To a degree, yes.  I’m glad you like it.  
Anna: Yes.
Damon: I’ve heard that you’re opposed to the revitalization of the waterfront?  
Anna: Well, I’m opposed to enlarging it.  
Damon: And the Fisherman’s Village doesn’t appeal to you?  
Anna: Well, I’d have to know more about it.  Umm, I… I should go actually.  I
just want to congratulate you once more on your election.
Anna covertly slips Duke his watch as they shake hands.  
Duke: Oh, thank you.  
Anna: (to Duke) My pleasure. (turning to Damon) Are you going to be in Port
Charles often, Mr. Grenville?  
Damon: Well, that depends on circumstances. Duke is entirely capable of
handling things here without my help.  
Anna: (smiles) Yes, I’m sure he is.  Goodbye.
Anna turns to leave.
Damon: Goodbye.  
Duke: (to Damon) Excuse me. (following Anna to the door) I hope to see you
Anna: Perhaps, yes.  Goodbye.
Duke: Goodbye.  
Anna leaves and Duke closes the door after her.  He walks back towards his
Damon: I suspect that Anna is a very intelligent woman.  I know she’s very
Duke: Yes.
Damon: You get the police on your side, Duke, especially Anna Devane.  Mr. B
is going to be looking at that area of your work with great interest.
Transcribed by LWLouie