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Anna and Duke are sitting on the couch in Anna’s living room drinking
celebratory champagne after Duke’s landslide win as Union President.
Anna: (raising her glass in a toast) To victory, Mr. President.  
Duke: Thank you.
Anna: To your very bright future.
Duke: To our very bright future.  
Duke toasts Anna glass and sips.  Anna looks away.  
Duke: What’s the matter with you?  
Anna: (confused) Well, I’m not sure that I like that.  
Duke: What?
Anna: What you just said.  
Duke: Our very bright future?
Anna: Yes…
Duke: What’s the matter with that?  
Anna: Well, I just… it seems a little presuming that’s all.
Duke: Well, it depends…
Anna: On what?  
Duke: On whether you’re the honest woman I think you are.  
Anna: You think I’m dishonest?  
Duke: No… no, I don’t think so.  I have been known to make mistakes in the
past though.  
Anna: Really?  Tell me about them.
Duke: (amused) Ms. Devane, are you asking me to tell you about my former
Anna: (amused) Not necessarily… I would, umm, imagine that we would be here
a rather long time if you told me the complete story.  
Duke: I’m in no hurry.  I have nowhere else to go.  Would you like me to begin?
Anna: (surprised) Do you want to tell me?  
Duke: (chuckling) No… are you going to tell me about yours?  
Anna: About my former lovers?  
Duke: Well, isn’t that the topic at the moment?  
Anna: (sighs) Oh…
Duke: You don’t have to tell me anything.
Anna: I know, I know.  
Duke: It isn’t that I don’t want to know.  (knowingly) It’s that I already know.
Anna: (confused) What do you mean?  What do you know?
Duke: Oh, I know that you were married to Robert Scorpio for a short time.  
Since your separation, you’ve been pure as the driven snow.  
Anna: (surprised) Whoo… you have been checking up.
Duke: Haven’t you been checking up on me?  
Anna: (drinking) Umm hmm.
Duke: Have you found out what you wanted to know?
Anna: (nodding slightly) Yeah… not enough.
Duke: Why don’t you ask me?  I have nothing to hide.
Anna: And if you did?
Duke: Well, if I did, I would be with the wrong woman, wouldn’t I?  
Anna: Yes, you would.  
Duke: Would you care to dance?
Anna and Duke put down their glasses and slowly move into each others arms
to dance.
Anna: Do you remember when we first met?  
Duke: Of course I do.  
Anna: We were dancing like this.
Duke: I know.  
Anna: I was so disappointed when you left and I… I didn’t even know who you
Duke: And you were angry when you finally found out.  
Anna: I know.  I’ve been angry with you rather a lot, haven’t I?
Duke: (nods in agreement) We’ve wasted a lot of time.
Anna: But I didn’t know.  
Duke: I knew.
Anna: What did you know?
Duke: I knew from the first time I saw you that you were the only woman I’d
ever want.  
Anna and Duke kiss.
Duke: (smiles and whispers) Come on.
Duke sweeps Anna in his arms as they kiss passionately.  He carries her to her
He sets Anna down on her bed and they sit facing each other.  Anna gently
touches Duke’s face and Duke turns to kiss her palm.  They slowly begin to
kiss.  Duke lays Anna down on the bed and they passionately embrace and kiss.

Next scene.  Duke and Anna are in bed kissing leisurely.
Duke: We have a choice, dear Anna, a moment of sweet silence or we could
exchange thoughts.  
Anna: I never thought I’d ever be attracted to another man.  
Duke: Were there dreams?
Anna: Umm… uh huh… of course, there were dreams.  
Duke: I’d never thought I’d meet a woman like you.  Like you, there were
Anna: It’s nice to know that sometimes dreams come true.
They move into each other’s embrace again and kiss.  
Transcribed by LWLouie