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Much of Port Charles gathers at the 1986 Policemen’s Ball, where Chief of Police
Anna Devane is being honored.  Anna looks beautiful in a flowing, shimmering
pink gown.  While the band plays “Someone to Watch Over Me,” and many of
the couples take to the dance floor, Anna goes to the bar and orders a glass of
wine.  She forlornly scans the dance floor, and then turns back to the bar,
quietly singing to herself, “someone to watch…over me.”  Unbeknownst to
Anna, her life is about to change forever.

Anna does not realize that her scarf has fallen behind her.  A handsome
stranger in white tie picks up Anna’s scarf, Anna turns around, he hands the
scarf to her, and their eyes meet.  They gaze into each other’s eyes and the
man gives a half-smile.
Anna: (mesmerized) I didn’t know it had fallen. Excuse me.
Anna turns around toward the bar trying to collect herself, and refastens her
When she turns back around and begins to speak, the stranger is gone.  Anna
looks around the room but cannot see the man.  She slowly turns back toward
the bar, amazed by what just transpired.  She holds her wine glass, then slowly
brings the glass to her lips, and smiles.

Later in the evening, after Anna visits with a few friends, a waiter approaches
Waiter: Ms. Devane.
Anna: Yes?
Waiter: I am to give you this.
Anna: What is it?
He hands Anna a small package.  Anna pulls out a sprig of heather.
Anna: My goodness! Heather!
Waiter: Is that what it is?
Anna: Yes.  Who gave this to you?
Waiter: The gentleman wouldn’t give me his name, but he did say they’re for
Anna: Thank you.
Anna looks toward the bar, where her striking admirer is standing.  Anna holds
up the heather and mouths “thank you.”
The stranger mouths “You’re welcome.”
Tanya approaches Anna.
Tanya: Anna!  Congratulations!
Anna turns toward Tanya.  The man walks away from the bar out of view.
Anna: Umm, thank you.
Tanya kisses Anna’s cheek.
Anna: (distracted) Thank you very much.
Tanya: Where did you get those?  What are they, special flowers?
Anna: Yes.  It's a sprig of heather.  It reminds me of when I was a child (big
Tanya: Oh!  Well, who gave it to you?
Anna: I don’t know his name, but he’s right over there.
Anna points towards the bar, but the man has vanished again.
Anna: He’s gone (looking puzzled). Hmm.
Tanya: Well, did you meet him here tonight?
Anna: No, no.  I… I haven’t met him.
Tanya: He didn’t say anything when he gave you the flowers?
Anna: No, no.  That’s the funny thing.  You see, he sent a waiter over here
and… it's all wrapped up and… and earlier on I dropped my scarf and he picked
it up for me… and…
Tanya: And now he’s gone?  He’s not here at all?
Anna: Well, I don’t see him anywhere… no... (looking around the room).
Tanya: Mmm!  Sounds kind of intriguing.
Anna: Yes, it is. (deep in thought)
Anna: (snapping out of her contemplation) How’s Tony?
Tanya: Well, he’s fine.  He stopped off at the hospital on his way over to check
up on Buzz.
Anna: Send him my best.
Tanya: I will.  Good to talk to you.
Tanya walks away.  Anna glances at the room, her thoughts again drift towards
the good-looking, enigmatic stranger.  She smells the heather.

Later, as Anna is pinning the heather on her dress, Monica and Sean approach.
Monica: You did not have that sprig of heather when you left the house.
Anna: No, I didn’t (holding her hands up in the air).  Actually somebody gave it
to me. I… I don’t know his name.
Monica. Oh!
Sean: A secret admirer.
Anna: Well, I’m not sure about the admiration, but he is certainly secret.
Sean: Ah, a mystery man.
Anna: He’s very handsome too. (smiling)
Monica: Well, then you do know him.
Anna: No, I don’t.  I don’t know his name.  I don’t even know where he is right
now. (scanning the room)
Sean: I better keep an eye out for this guy, just to make sure his intentions
are honorable.
Anna: Well, you know the awful thing is I’m not sure if I do know him, you see,
and I just can’t remember what his name is.
Sean: You probably arrested him once.
Monica: Sean!
Anna: Oh Sean!  I didn’t arrest him!
Monica: Oh, come on. This is the Policemen’s Ball.  He has to be on the up and
Sean: Oh, that’s probably right.  He is more than likely an out of town cop.

As the evening progresses, many of the couples of Port Charles are on the
dance floor.  “In a Sentimental Mood” plays.  Anna walks to the bar alone and
orders another glass of wine.  She looks down at the bar and smiles softly.  
The dashing, mysterious stranger approaches Anna from behind.  Anna will
later learn that his name is Duke Lavery.
Duke: This is very romantic music.  May I have the pleasure of this dance, Ms.
Anna: Yes, of course (grinning).
He smiles and takes her in his arms and they dance, all the while gazing into
each other’s eyes. Anna raises her shoulders up in excitement.  They move to
the music and stare at one another intensely.  Anna eventually breaks the
intimate look and glances down, and then back up.
Anna: Thank you for the heather.
Duke: You’re very welcome.  It suits you.
Anna: I used to gather it when I was a little girl.
Duke: You’re a long way from home.
Anna: Yes.  Judging by your accent so are you.
Duke: And you’re looking for a new home?
Anna: I’ve found mine.  How about you?
Duke: Perhaps (smiles).  Perhaps tonight I have.
They continue their very close, very intimate dance, looking into each other’s
eyes.  The music ends.
Anna: Oh no! (looking up, disappointed) How could they do that? (smiles)
Duke: Stay right here.  I’ll be right back with a drink for you.
Anna watches him walk away, then she looks down, lost in thought.  The mayor
approaches Anna from behind.
Mayor: Anna?
Anna: Yes (whipping around).
Mayor: I didn’t mean to startle you.  You seem far away.
Anna: I was... uh... I was gathering heather.
Mayor: I didn’t know it grew around here.
Anna: You’d be surprised (giggling).
Mayor: It's almost time for the award presentation.  And I have been looking
forward to that all evening.  Are you ready?
Anna: Yes, as ready as I’m ever going to be.
Duke is at the bar, having ordered champagne.  Anna and the mayor approach.
Duke: (looking at Anna) Champagne will be waiting for you.
Duke and Anna smile at one another.  Anna and the mayor go toward the
stage.  Duke puts his hands in his pockets, leans against the bar, and watches
Anna walk off.
Transcribed by marie71