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After the Policemen's Ball, Anna is picking up around her living room.  The
doorbell rings.  Anna goes to the door and checks the peephole.

Anna: What?!?
Anna opens the door.
Anna: Mr. Lavery, what are you doing here?!?
Duke: I promised you a drink, Ms. Devane.
Anna is incredulous.
Anna: It’s very late.
Duke: Never too late, I hope.
Duke invites himself in.
Anna: I… I happen to think that it is.
Duke: I have a problem Ms. Devane, and I think you can help me.
Anna: I doubt it.
Duke: You see, I’m a man who cannot rest until he has fulfilled a promise he
made earlier in the day.
Anna: Well, that’s very commendable.  However, I… I’m not interested.
Duke: I promised you a drink earlier.  Now, I think we should have that drink
and then I will leave quietly.  Oh, it’s very well-chilled, don’t worry.  It took a
certain amount of timing.  
Anna: Mr. Lavery, I really…
Duke: Please call me Duke.  After all, we have danced.
Anna: Briefly.
Duke: Oh, we should take care of that too, I think.  
Duke smiles engagingly.
Anna: Mr. Lavery, what I wanted to say is that… at this hour of night, I’m really
not interested in whatever your personal idiosyncrasies might be.
Duke: Well, perhaps after we get to know one other a little better, you will.
Anna: Well, I think that we got off to a very bad start.
Duke: Well, that’s not bad.  Only one place to go from there and that is up.  
Duke continues to open the champagne.  
Anna: I’m not so sure about that.
Duke: Oh, you’ll see.
Anna: Mr. Lavery, if you think that you can turn up on my doorstep… at this
hour of the night and expect me to welcome you into my home then you’re
Duke: (interrupts) I’m quite mistaken …
Anna: Yes, you are quite mistaken.
Duke: Oh, you see, but I’m not mistaken, Ms. Devane.  I didn’t think this was
going to be easy.  I knew it was going to take some doing.
Anna: Well, you’re not doing it.
Duke: This is very pleasant here you know.  (looks around the living room)  It’s
warm… It’s comfortable.  Tasteful.  
Duke hands Anna a glass of champagne and she reluctantly takes it.
Anna: (sighs) Thank you.  Well, what did you expect?  An interrogation room?  
Duke: Uh uh… I didn’t expect an interrogation room.  I expected what I found.  
I didn’t come calling on a cop, Ms. Devane.  I came calling on a beautiful
woman.  Now, be kind.  Have one sip at least.  
Duke sits on the couch while Anna sits on the arm of the couch.
Anna: (sighs and drinks) It’s very good.
Duke: Ah… things are looking up.
Anna: I’m complimenting the wine, Mr. Lavery… the wine.
Duke: Try Duke on for size.
Anna gets up from the couch to confront Duke.
Anna: Don’t underestimate me.
Duke follows Anna up and stalks her.
Duke: (deepening his tone) Oh, never.
Anna: I am a cop, remember.
Duke: Aren’t there times when you just want to put your badge away?  
Anna: Yes.  But I always put it where I can find it.  
Anna, refusing to be baited, sits back down on couch.  Duke follows.
Duke: And aren’t there times when you just feel like a woman?
Anna: Yes, the same way that a male cop sometimes feels just like being an
ordinary man… you really are on very thin ice here, Mr. Lavery… Duke…
whatever you want to be called.
Duke: Uh oh… I think I am.
Anna: Oh good.  I’m glad you think so.
Duke: Don’t you like to know that I’m flexible?
Duke removes his bow tie and throws it onto the coffee table.
Anna: Yes, it helps.
Duke: Hmm… that’s a major step forward.  
Anna: But I don’t know where we’re going.
Duke: Well, adventures often start that way.  
Anna: I very rarely have time for adventure.
Duke: That’s why you must seize the moment.  Now if there was music… Ahh,
there is music.  
Duke gets up and turns on the radio.  Anna is exasperated and mutters in the
Duke: What lovely music.  What were you doing when you started listening to
Anna: Well, I think I was doing the washing up.  
Duke: Now, you have nothing mundane to do.
Anna: Well, actually, yes.  I’d quite like to go to sleep.  
Anna gets up from the couch agitated.
Duke: Sleep?
Anna: Yes.
Duke: You’re too young to need much sleep, Ms. Devane.  I don’t see why we
don’t just round out a perfect evening by finishing the dance we started
Duke approaches Anna and holds her for a dance.
Anna: Mr. Lavery, I really… I… I feel very odd about this… all of this.
Duke: It’s okay.  Odd feelings are sometimes the best kind, you know.  
Anna: I’m not sure.  
Duke: We’ll see.  (looking deep into Anna’s eyes)  I know you, Anna Devane.   
They slow dance in the living room.

Next scene.  Anna and Duke are sitting on the couch facing each other.
Anna: In Liverpool?  My goodness.
Duke: Yeah, I just lived there for a while.  When I started working on the docks.
Anna: Yeah, I lived there for a while, too.  I was a child then.  Really young.  
Duke: God, it is one grim city.
Anna: Absolutely.  
Duke: You know, but the Beatles came from there.  
Anna: That’s true.  They’re not grim at all.  In fact, they’re one of my favorites.
Duke: I like them.
Anna: Yeah, so ummm… so you were working on the docks, then?
Duke: Uh huh… yeah.
Anna: Ah huh… well, umm, you know it’s funny really.  We’re only just getting
around to facts about each other.  
Duke: Well, I disagree.  I think, umm, I think we know lots of facts about each
Anna: Well, umm … likes and dislikes, maybe.
Duke: I think that’s important.  I mean, for example, I wouldn’t ask you out for
dinner and then take you to a Hungarian restaurant.
Anna: And I wouldn’t ask you out for dinner and take you to a Mexican
Duke: Oh, I might bend.
Anna: Oh…
Duke: Once.
Anna: Once… Well, umm… actually it’s true, we have learned a little bit about
each other.  Umm… I’m sorry you don’t like Charles Dickens.
Duke: I like Charles Dickens.  I just prefer Thomas Hardy.  
Anna: Mmm... why, umm, don’t we concentrate on some more personal
Duke: I think everything that we’ve talked about so far has been personal don’t
Anna: Well, actually, no I was thinking more about your acquaintance with
Angel Moran.
Duke: Friend.  Not acquaintance.
Anna: I’m sorry to hear that.  
Duke: It takes a long time for me to call a man a friend, Anna.  And when he is
a friend I feel as if I have to stand by him.  There are things about Angel that
you might like.
Anna: I don’t think so.  I mean I can’t imagine him mixing with a cop.  
Duke: Don’t be too sure.  He’s used to it.  But what about you, Anna?  What
little surprises did life have for you?  
Anna: (looking away) Surprises…?
Duke: Do I detect a veil across your eyes?
Anna: No… not at all.  I’m just wondering what you mean by surprises.
Robin enters the living room.
Robin: Mommy… how come you’re up so early?
Anna: (surprised) What are doing up at this time of night, darling?  
Anna gets up from the couch to greet Robin.
Robin: I’m always up at this time.  
Anna: Ah, but darling it’s…
Robin: Time for breakfast.  
Anna: In the middle of the night?
Robin: It’s morning mommy.  And here’s your morning kiss.  
Robin gives Anna a kiss.
Anna: Oh, hi darling.
Duke gets up from the couch.
Duke: Where did the time go?  
He turns to address Robin.  
Duke: Hello there.
Robin: Hello.
Anna: (turns to Duke) Umm… this is my daughter, Robin.  Robin this is Mr.
Duke Lavery.
Robin: How do you do?
Duke: Very well, thank you.  How do you do?  
Robin: Very well… (confused) but I don’t know what’s going on.  
Anna: Let me explain.  Last night Mr. Duke Lavery came around with… umm,
some champagne and we’ve been talking all night and the time just flew by.  
Robin: No kidding.
Duke: No kidding.  
Robin: You must have a lot to talk about that’s interesting.
Duke:  (looking from Robin to Anna) Oh, yeah and we have a lot more to talk
about that’s just as interesting.  
Robin: You have an accent almost like my daddy’s.
Duke: Hmm… I’m learning more and more.
Robin: I like it.
Duke: (addressing Anna) I’m doing well don’t you think?
Anna: (addressing Duke) Very.
Robin: But I’m hungry.
Anna: Alright, sweetheart, let me fix your breakfast.  Will you excuse us?
Anna and Robin turn around.
Duke: (interrupts)  Hey… I’m very good at squeezing oranges and making
scrambled eggs… and what I wouldn’t give for a kipper to go with it.
Anna: Well, kipper… it just so happens that…
Duke: (interrupts) You don’t …
Anna: (continuing) We do have a kipper or two.
Duke: Well, if the kitchen’s through there then perhaps I’ll go start.  
Anna: Really, I’d rather you didn’t… I’d rather…
Robin: (interrupts) Mommy, let him.  If he’s good we can invite him over again
for breakfast…
Anna tries to use her hand to cover Robin’s mouth.  
Duke: Oh, boy.  I’ve got to put everything into this breakfast, huh?  (raises
eyebrows expectantly towards Anna)  Excuse me.  
Duke heads towards the kitchen.  Anna sighs.
Robin: You like him, don’t you?
Anna: Shhh… he’s very charming, that’s all.
Robin: Do you think he could be another possible godfather for me?  
Anna: (exasperated) Oh, darling…
Robin: I like the way he talks.
Anna: Don’t you think you have enough?  I really think we need to talk about
this a little bit more, ok.
Robin: He talks a little like daddy.
Duke comes back into the living room.
Duke: Hey… I can’t find the can opener.  
Robin: I’ll get it for you.
Anna: She knows where it is.
Duke: Thank you.  
Robin: You’re welcome.  
Robin leaves to go into the kitchen.
Duke: You didn’t tell me you were married.  
Anna: Well, I’m divorced actually.  
Duke: Surprises … divorced?
Anna: Yes… from her father.
Duke: Who is… ?
Anna: Robert Scorpio.  He’s a… former police commissioner of Port Charles.  
Anna leaves to go to the kitchen. Duke is standing alone in the living room.
Transcribed by LWLouie