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Port Charles Police Station.  Captain Lewis is speaking to Anna.

Lewis: Angel Moran.  His high-priced lawyer came in making a lot of noise about
getting Angel out on bail.
Anna: An expensive lawyer?
Lewis: Oh, yeah.  I can smell them a mile away.
Anna: But Angel Moran is not the sort that can afford an expensive lawyer?
Lewis: No, he’s not, but he’s got a rich friend.
Anna: Oh, he does?  Who is it?
Duke: Me.
Anna whirls around in time to see Duke’s million dollar smile.
Anna: You?
Duke: To be sure.
Anna: Who are you?
Duke: Duke Lavery
Anna: Duke… Lavery?
Lewis: I was just getting to that, Chief.
Anna: Oh, yes.  I know the name.  I know the name and I know a little bit
about the person.
Duke: I know a lot more about you, Ms. Devane.  I liked your speech this
evening, by the way.
Anna: Thank you.  Do you know that there is a club on the waterfront called
Duke: I own it.
Anna: Do you?  Really?  Well, that is high on my lists of places to investigate.
Duke: Ah, do come as a guest some time, Ms Devane, but not with a warrant.  
There will always be a sprig of heather at your table.
Anna: Well, I think at the moment we really ought to concentrate on your
connection with our prisoner, Angel Moran.  
Duke: You know, friendship is a weakness of mine.  
Anna: Angel is a friend of yours?
Duke: Since my time on the New York City docks.  
Anna: Oh, really?  Now with that accent I do find that rather hard to believe.
Duke: Oh, I never lost my accent even when I came to America from Scotland
and your accent?
Anna: At the moment, the subject is Angel Moran.  Do you know that the man
is a crook?
Duke: Oh… Angel just has a little proclivity for danger that most spirited men
Anna: And you?  What about you, Mr. Lavery?  
Lewis: (interrupts) Chief, can I interrupt here?
Anna: Yes, of course.
Lewis: I have some paperwork for Mr. Lavery to fill out.
Duke: (speaking to Lewis) There’s no way to avoid that I suppose.
Lewis: Afraid not.
Duke: (looking to Anna) Perhaps you could help.  
Anna: (answering Duke) I really don’t think so.
Lewis: Mr. Lavery, I’ll help you.
Duke: Of course.  Thank you.

Next scene.  Still at the Port Charles Police Station.

Lewis: He’s up in his holding cell.
Anna walks by.
Duke: (speaking to Anna) I didn’t know you’d still be here, Ms. Devane.
Anna: I was just checking some things in my office.
Duke: All work?  
Anna: Sometimes, yes.  
Duke: Pity.
Anna: Mr. Lavery…
Duke: It could be Duke, you know.
Anna: I really think I should warn you that if Mr. Moran does anything else…
spirited, I’m going to lock him up and throw away the key.
Duke: Oh, that is to the point.
Anna: Yes, it’s meant to be.
Duke: It was a great pleasure meeting you this evening, Ms. Devane.  
Anna: After what I’ve said?
Duke: Oh, a little bit of conflict never hurts a relationship.
Anna: Yes, well, there’s going to be… (flustered) if Angel Moran so much as
jaywalks… Good night, Mr. Lavery.
Duke: Oh, good night, Ms. Devane.
Lewis: Mr. Lavery, you can pick up your friend now.
Anna stares after Duke as he exits.
Transcribed by LWLouie