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Setting: Robert’s office – Duke, Anna, Sean and Robert
Robert: What we know for certain is that we can not necessarily conclude that
he’s tied in with Elena.
Sean: Do you have the slightest doubt? (Robert just looks at Sean) Well I
don't, either.  From all the agents that we rounded up at the amphitheater at
Mount Rushmore, we know that Elena is alone now.  Her organization is in
complete ruin and she’s looking for an ally, Robert.
Robert: And Barrett is the perfect stooge.
Sean: I wonder who found whom?  She found him or he found her.
Robert: What matters is where they’re going.  Just maybe Barrett can lead us
to Elena.
Duke: (off to the side with Anna) You know this is all very fascinating, but it's
not half as interesting as they way you and I were going to spend the day.  Do
you remember?
Anna: (she nods her head which is up against Duke’s shoulder as he touches
her arm) Right.
Duke: Why don’t we leave the investigating to Robert and Sean, I mean they
can do without you for one day, but I most certainly can’t.
Anna: Let’s go.  
She and Duke go toward Robert and Sean as they hold hands.
Anna: We’re going.
Robert: Okay, have fun.
Anna: Yeah, we will.
Robert: Something tells me that our day isn’t going to be nearly as interesting
as yours.
Anna: You might be right. (Laughing)
Duke: Good luck in court, gentlemen.
Robert: Thank you.
Sean: We’ll let you know what happens.
Anna: Alright, I’m only taking the day off, I’m not retiring.
Duke: Yet.
Anna: I’m not retiring.
Sean: Alright, you’re not retiring.
Duke: (He and Anna head for the door) We’ll see.
Anna: I’ll be back (Robert waves) I’ll be back, keep my seat warm.
Sean: Have a good time. (Robert sits and Sean looks at him) How do you feel
about that?
Robert: I want whatever is best for Anna.  Hey look, you can see what they're
like together.  She knows what she wants. (Knock on the door) Come in.

Next scene.  Duke’s Penthouse.  Anna and Duke walk in.
Anna: I never thought I'd see this place again.
Duke: Yeah, well it wasn’t the same.  Nothing was.
Anna: I remember waiting for some wedding or other, a million years ago.
Duke: Yeah, well actually it seems like yesterday to me, but let's not talk about
the past. (they are near the table when they look at each other) Let's just
concentrate on the future.  It seems to be a much brighter picture.
Anna: (Sly smile and turns away) I don’t think that’s such a good idea.
Duke: What to live for the future?
Anna: No, I mean I don’t think we should forget the past. (turns to look at
him)  We have to learn from our mistakes.
Duke: Yeah, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to dwell on the past.
Anna: No, I’m not saying we should dwell on them, just don’t repeat them.
Duke: (frustrated) What is this?  Is this a lecture?
Anna: I’m being serious.
Duke: Well I’m being serious too.  I mean, I agree with you, but I do think we
have to, I think we have to clear the air between us.
Anna: Yeah, I do, but before we go on to anything else um, I was seriously
considering having a plaque made maybe to hang over the bar or the bedroom.
Duke: What’s it going to say on it? (laughing)
Anna: (laughing) No secrets.
Duke: Yeah, well I don’t think we really need the plaque because, no secrets is
certainly (as he taps his head) stamped in my mind.
Anna: Yeah, but can you live by it?
Duke: Yeah, of course I can.  I mean, my secrets cost you your job.  My
secrets well almost cost me the most important relationship in my life.  My
secrets almost killed me.  Can I live without secrets?  I decided I could the day
you walked out that door.
Anna: Don’t just blame yourself. (as she touches his shoulder) It was my fault
Duke: What, all you had to do was suffer.
Anna: Oh yeah, my pride was hurt and that’s no excuse to turn your back on
the man that you love and um, I’m really sorry.
Duke: You don’t have to be.  I love you and you love me, nothing else
matters.  We must never lose sight of that, never again.  Come here.
She leaps into his arms and they hug.  Scene fades out.

Fade in to Duke and Anna in his living room.  He is sitting on the couch and she
is standing near the window.
Anna: (looks at him) What’s the matter?
Duke: (looking down at the floor, looks up) Nothing.
Anna: Sorry.
Duke: No, I was just thinking.
Anna: About…
Duke: (looks at her) Fate.
Anna: Anything in particular?
Duke: (shakes his head) Um...
Anna: I see I'm going to have to get that sign made.
Duke: (Laughing) No secrets, uh, yeah.
Anna: Come on, what is it? (she sits)
Duke: (nervously) Well, I, ah, I guess this is the day for questions.
Anna: Asking or answering?
Duke: I’m almost afraid to say, I uh...
Anna: Well, it must be very important.
Duke: Critical for you and I, yeah...
Anna: Well ask.
Duke: You and Robert?
Anna: (shaking her head) I knew, I knew it, I knew that’s what it would be.
Duke: (laughing) Well, I think I have a reason to ask.  Don’t you think?
Anna: No, you don’t.
Duke: Well now that he's available, I, well, I just wonder if maybe you wanted a
little more time to, to choose between us.
She gets up from the chair near the window and goes to sit near Duke on the
Anna: Alright, I see we have to have a little chat. (she rubs her face)
Duke: (His head on his prayer like hands, and then off) Go on-- give it to me
straight.  I want to know.  I want to know if I’m going to spend the rest of my
life with you.
They’re now looking at each other.
Anna: Well (she looks at the floor) I can’t lie to you. I mean when he first came
back to Port Charles (she takes a deep breath) all my old feelings sort of came
Duke: Do you think I didn’t see that?
Anna: (looking at Duke as she puts her hand on his leg) You and I had split up,
and he was there for me and it was a comfort.
He takes her hand and kisses it.
Duke: Why didn’t it become more?
Anna: (looking deeply into his eyes as he kisses her hand) Because I realized
that I loved you.
Duke: (laughing against her hand) You don’t know how much I want to believe
Anna: It’s true, it is.  I mean Robert was my husband, he was the first man I
loved, I suppose.
Duke: And also he’s the father of your child.
Anna: Yes, and that’s very important, you know, that there’s a sort of bond
between people I suppose, you may stop loving each other but you're still
Duke: (nodding his head) Sometimes it’s just enough to keep some people
Anna: Look-- (looks up) he’s a very good friend (looks at Duke) and he’s a
great father, but I don’t want to spend the rest of my life with him.
Duke: Are you sure?
They are looking into each others eyes.
Anna: I love you.  I've never been more certain about anything.  Yes, I care
about Robert… but you’ve got my heart.
Duke leans forward and kisses her as she responds and the kiss becomes

Fade Out.

Duke and Anna are kissing on the couch when Duke begins kissing Anna’s
neck.  She smiles and her head falls back giving him free roam.  He kisses her
forehead, and she shakes her head trying to gain some composure.  Duke
looks at her, then takes the two glasses off the table and the bottle of wine
and begins to walk around the couch.  Anna watches him with a sly look and he
turns back to look at her.
Duke: Come on, then.
Anna: What?
Duke: It’s a secret.
She gets up with a smile, walks around the couch and throws herself into his
arms, as they kiss.  The glasses clink together, making her laugh.
Anna: Hope that’s not expensive.
They head into the bedroom.

New scene begins with Anna and Duke lying in bed, holding hands.
Anna: You know something?
Duke: What?
Anna: There is a heaven.  It’s right here.  
They both laugh.
Duke: Yeah, well I hate to disappoint you, but you're not actually lying next to
an angel.
Anna: Thank goodness.
She looks at him smiling and he smiles back.
Duke lifts himself on one elbow to look down at Anna.
Duke: You know what?
Anna: What? (as she touches his face)
Duke: These weeks and months you and I were apart, I kept on pretending
that I could get along quite nicely without you, thank you very much.
Anna: It was my mistake, I suppose.
Duke: No, we both made mistakes… far too many mistakes.
Anna: Yeah, I’m no angel either.
She grabs him and lowers his head to kiss him.
Duke: Devil.
They kiss, laugh and kiss and Duke lays back down.
Duke: So then ah, here we both lie, side by side, two imperfect creatures in this
perfect little world of our own.
Anna: I wish I could just stay here forever.
Duke: Oh something just crossed that mind, what is it?
He touches the side of her face with his finger.
Anna: Maybe I should call someone to see how it’s going.
Duke: Don’t you dare.  I’m not quite ready to crash back down to earth just
He leans over toward her and kisses her.

Fade out.

They are sitting up in bed, Anna on the phone.
Anna: Thanks for calling, Robert. (Duke playfully kissing her neck) We've been
thinking of you.
Duke: Not too much.
Anna: Shh. (Duke kisses her neck loudly) What?  Yeah, I know it's been a
horrible day for you. Are you sure you don’t want me to come down there and
help, 'cause I will.
She hits Duke, who is still playing with her.
Anna: Yeah, we’ll be fine.  Alright then, okay, well, I’ll see you tomorrow then.  
You get some rest.  Bye bye. (hangs up the phone) Elena is full of surprises.
Duke: What, did she show up at the hearing?
Anna: No, she didn’t show up, but she did call.  Apparently, she's very
concerned about Dusty, and Robert thinks that could be her Achilles heel, so to
Duke: What are his plans?
Anna: Well, he’s going to press to indict Dusty, to see if a long term prison
sentence frightens her again.  She might come out, make another mistake and
we’ll nab her.
Duke: Nab her-- not tonight you don’t.  I heard Robert say he doesn’t need
He leans over and kisses her.
Anna: No, he doesn’t but Robin does.  I should go home.
Duke: She doesn’t need you tonight either and that leaves me. (smiling like a
little boy) I need you and I want you desperately. So you stay here and spend
the entire night with me.
He leans over to kiss her again.
Anna: That does sound very nice. (smiling)
Duke: "Nice"?  Before it was "heavenly".
Anna: (laughing) It’s the last time I’m ever paying you a compliment again.  It
goes straight to your head, I can tell.
Duke: Yeah, well I think we've wasted too many words as it is.  No more talking
He tries to start kissing her as she gets up from bed.
Anna: Okay, I’ll just go and have a shower then.
Duke: Oooh.
Anna laughs as she walks toward the bathroom lifting her armslto look at
herself in Duke's robe.
Anna: It suits me.
Duke: Give us a twirl. (Anna twirls around) Great!
Anna enters the bathroom as Duke looks on.

Fade Out.

Anna comes out of the bathroom and Duke is waiting with a candlelit dinner.
Anna: Oh, it’s beautiful.
Duke: I can say the same thing about you.
Anna: Yeah, well I came dressed for the occasion, didn’t I?
She is back in Duke’s robe again, as Duke pulls out the chair for her to sit.
Duke bends down and kisses her lips, then neck.
Duke: You’re beautiful.  Before we begin, I have one request.
Anna: Um…
Duke: I want to ask you something. We spent the entire day, and some of this
evening talking and clarifying misunderstandings.
Anna: Yeah.
Duke: There is one last thing I’d like to ask you.
Anna: (smiling) Ask.
Duke: Before I say these words, I want you to know this is positively the last
time I’m ever going to say them. (Anna smiling) Before you give me your
answer, I want you to be very sure.  I want you to be very, very sure.
Anna: (serious) Ask.
Duke: Will you marry me?
Anna: (staring at him, absorbing what he asked) Yeah.
She grimaces in a funny way and bites her lip.
Anna: Do I have to say it again?
Duke: No, I think I heard you quite clearly the first time.
They smile at each other as Duke takes a box from beneath his napkin, and
hands it to Anna.  Anna opens the box.
Anna: Aw… (smiling) it’s lovely.
Duke: (takes the ring) May I?
Anna nods her head as Duke slides the ring on her finger and she just stares
as he does that.  Duke then takes her hand, lowers his lips to it, closes his
eyes and kisses her hand.  Anna lowers her head to his and closes her eyes
and then they both open them at the same time, looking at each other.
Duke: This time it’s forever.
He takes her chin in his hand, leans over and kisses her.

Fade Out.

Fade in: Duke and Anna lying on his bed, kissing.  Anna lowers her head to his
chest and then stretches her one arm back, Duke is holding the other.
Anna: Oh, I've got to go home. (staring at the ceiling)
Duke: Pretty soon you won’t have to. (touches her cheek)  This will be your
home.  It will be yours, be mine, it will be Robin’s.  (Anna smiling at the thought)
Anna: (looks at Duke) Robin will be so happy.  I can’t wait to tell her.
Duke:  Yeah, we can tell her together, tomorrow.
Anna: She loves you, you know.
Duke: Well, in that case you better get home.  I don’t want her getting angry
for me keeping you out too late.
He lifts himself slightly as Anna reaches up to touch his face, then puts her arm
around his back.
Anna: She could never be angry with you. I really hate goodbyes.
Duke: Pretty soon there’ll be no goodbyes, no more short nights.
Anna: Yeah (looks over at the dinner table) no more wasted dinners.
Duke: After you leave here out of sheer frustration, I’ll probably throw myself
prostrate across that table and eat every morsel.
Anna lifts herself up to an almost sitting position.
Anna: Well maybe you can save some leftovers for me then. (looks at him,
Duke: Yeah, so maybe I’ll put together a sandwich and take it to you tomorrow.
Anna: Can’t wait.
Duke: Why don’t you take some with you now?
Anna: No, no tomorrow’s fine.
Duke: Tomorrow we get to tell Robin she's going to have the family that she
wants.  There’s one thing I want to ask her to do.
Anna: What?
Duke: To set the wedding date. (smiling)
Anna: (laughing) Yeah, you know after all this, she's going to just adore you.
Duke: And I adore you. Now go off home.
Anna: (laughing) Cheers. (Duke leans over and kisses her.) One more like that
and I won’t be able to go home.
She gets up from the bed.
Duke: Go, go on, run.
Anna walks toward the doors, scratches her head, and runs back to Duke,
throwing her arms around him from the back.  She smiles, he laughs and she
buries her head in his shoulder.
Fade out.
Transcribed by mytom