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When Anna is found in the snowy wilderness after escaping from Grant
Putnam, she is near death from hypothermia.  Duke stays by her bedside,
watching and waiting for her to regain consciousness.  After the nurses cover
her with blankets, Monica comes in to check on Anna and speak with Duke.

Monica: (to the nurses) This is Anna’s husband.  Vital signs?
Nurse: Pressure is 82 over 60, temperature is 93.4.
Monica: Damn, why isn’t she coming up faster?
Duke: Couldn’t you use electric blankets or heating pads or…
Monica: No.  We have to go slow.  Much slower, otherwise we could lose her.
Duke: Can I talk to her?
Monica: Well, you can talk to her, but I’m not sure she’s really going to
consciously be aware of it.
Duke: Okay, I’d like to spend a little time with her.
Monica: Alright…  She won’t know that you’re here.  Five minutes, but that’s all.
Duke: That’s fine.  
Monica leaves with the nurses.  Duke sits by Anna’s bedside.
Duke: Anna… Anna I can’t find the words to tell you how much I love you.  But
the whole time you were gone I realized that wherever you are, you carry my
heart around with you.  Anybody else, they would have given up if they’d been
through half of what you’ve been through but you didn’t.  I’m asking you now
just to hang in there.  I’m being selfish, I’m begging you, please. (He begins to
cry) Please pull through this.  I don’t know if I… I don’t know if I could live
without you.  Anna..?
Transcribed by Hazel