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Anna has just miscarried, and she goes to Olivia's room at the Port Charles
Hotel to seek revenge.  She left her bed at the hospital with some pillows under
the covers.  Sean and Tiffany enter the room and make the discovery.
Tiffany: Where is she?

Cut to Olivia putting on makeup in her room, getting ready for the big mob
meeting downstairs.  The phone rings.
Olivia: Damn you, Julian.  That better be you.
She answers the phone.
Olivia: (sharply) Hello.  Crowley would you please stop bothering me?  I'm on
my way down.
She turns and sees Anna standing in the doorway with a gun pointed at her.
Anna: Stay right there.
She slams the door behind her.
Anna: I should have stopped you long ago, and now I will.

Fade to black.

Olivia: What do you think you're doing?
Anna: It's over, Olivia.
Olivia: Anna… Anna, look I know how you…
She approaches Anna and Anna thrusts her gun at her.
Olivia: I know how you feel.  You lost your baby.  You're sad, you're upset,
you're angry.  I'm sorry about that, but you can't blame me.
Anna: (near tears) You killed my baby.  
Olivia: I wouldn't do that, even to an enemy.
Anna: I'm here to save my husband, if I have to kill you to do it.
Olivia: Kill me.  I don't believe you.  
Anna cocks the pistol.
Anna: Believe this.
Olivia: Please don't.
Anna: I want you to feel a little of the pain you've caused everyone else.  
Olivia: I can see it on your face.  Anna, I'm sorry for everything I've ever done
to hurt you.  I'm begging you, please don't do this, please…
Anna: My baby couldn't beg for its life.  
Olivia: I understand the feeling.
Anna: No you don't!  No you don't!  I was almost killed, and I felt my baby
dying inside of me because of you!
Olivia: Calm down.
Anna: You tried to kill my husband.  You tried to kill Duke.  
Olivia: I had nothing to do with your accident.
Anna: You're sick!
Olivia: Let me explain it to you!
Anna: You don't have to.  Tim already did.  
Olivia is taken aback.
Anna: (smiling) I thought you'd like that. Robert's got it all on tape.  He
admitted everything.  How you'd hired him to kill Duke.  
Olivia: Can't you just see that he's trying to get out of it?  Come on, Anna,
You've got…
Anna: (angry) Stay there!  Stay there!  It's over, Olivia.

Next scene.  Duke is downstairs at the mob meeting.  He's on the pay phone.
Duke: What is it?  Something's happened to Anna?
Tiffany: (on the phone) Well, I… don't have… I can't even believe it… Duke
she's… Anna is gone from her hospital room.
Duke: She's gone where?
Tiffany: That's what I'm trying to tell you, nobody knows yet.  Sean and I went
in there to check on her and she had these pillows stuffed in her bed.  She's
just gone.
Duke: Did you try our house?
Tiffany: Yes and there's nobody there.  Nobody answered.  
Duke: And how about the police, do they know?
Tiffany: Well, Sean was trying to get in touch with Robert and he got some
kind of mix-up.  I don't understand what's going on.  He's called over to the
Port Charles Hotel but… and then he went running out of here, I don't know.  
Do you have any idea what's going on over at the Port Charles Hotel?
Duke: No, I don't know what's going on, but listen I have to go.
They hang up.
Tiffany: Well for people who know nothing, everybody seems to be doing
Duke runs to the elevator, it doesn't come fast enough for him.  He stops a
Duke: Excuse me, to the stairs open up on every floor?
Bellman: Well, sure, the fire laws…
Duke: And where are they?
Bellman: (points) Right there.
Duke: Thank you.
He bolts for the stairs.

Meanwhile, Anna still has her gun trained on Olivia.
Olivia: I don't believe you'll shoot me, Anna.
Anna: Why?
Olivia: We have professionals in my family that do this.  I've called some of
them, they don't talk, they just shoot.  It's a job.
Anna: I know.  I used to do it for a living.  But this is personal.  And I wanna
watch you squirm.
Olivia: Anna… Anna, please don't shoot me.  Don't kill me.
Anna: You see how it feels?  Nobody wants to suffer.  
Olivia falls to her knees, crying.
Olivia: Please, don't do it!  Please!
Julian knocks at the door and Olivia jumps up to wrestle the gun from Anna.
Olivia: Give it to me!
Julian knocks again and hears the struggle.  The fight continues.
Julian: It's Cheryl.
Julian runs to a balcony door.  Duke is running up the stairs.  Julian grabs
Cheryl, who is on the balcony aiming a gun at Olivia.  Duke is still running up
the stairs.  Sean and Robert are trying to get on the elevator.  They run up to
a bellman.
Sean: There's the problem.  Do you know how long you've been holding up this
Robert flashes his badge.
Robert: Listen, do you have a key to override commands?
Bellman: Yeah.
They push their way into the elevator.
Sean: Then use it, please.  Will you use it, please?
Olivia is begging for her life again.
Olivia: No please, please…
Cheryl: (to Julian) Let go of me!
Robert and Sean hear gunshots and draw their guns in the elevator.
Sean: It sounds like a shootout.
Duke is running up the stairs.  Cheryl's gun goes off outside.  Olivia is shot in
the room.  She screams.  Julian and Cheryl struggle on the balcony.  Robert
and Sean exit the elevator.  Duke arrives on Olivia's floor.
Duke: Anna!  
He rushes to Olivia's room.
Duke: Anna!
He opens the door to find Anna standing over Olivia holding a gun.
Duke: My God…
Sean: (down the hall) That shot came form down here—come on!
Robert and Sean arrive at the room and see Olivia.  They look at each other,
then Anna, who seems shell-shocked.
Anna: (flatly) Someone shot Olivia.
She drops her gun.
Robert and Sean rush to Olivia.
Sean: How is she?
Robert She's still breathing.  I'm gonna call the hospital right now.
Sean gets a blanket form the other room.
Robert: Listen, when you're finished with that…
Sean: Yeah?
Robert: There's a house phone down there.  Call Lewis.  Tell him to proceed
with the plan.  And I want Sam up here right away.  
Sean: Okay, do you want Lewis to know about what happened up here?
Robert: Yeah, but let's keep it confidential.  
Sean: Will do.
Robert begins to dial the phone.  Duke holds Anna as Robert looks over at
Robert: (into phone) This is Commissioner Scorpio.  Connect me with the
emergency room at General Hospital immediately.  
Duke holds Anna as she stares straight ahead.
Robert: Yeah. No, do better than that, will you?  Thank you.
He hangs up.
Robert: (to Sean) The ambulance is on the way.
Sean: Good.  Guy's all set, Sam's on her way up.
Robert: Good.
Duke: Anna needs an ambulance.  She should probably get to the hospital.
Anna: No, I'm alright.
Robert: Good, I'm glad to hear that because I'm going to have to ask you both
to stick around but would you mind waiting in the hallway?
Duke: Well, listen Robert, if you can trust us in the hallway, you can trust us to
go back to the hospital.  I'm very concerned about…
Robert: Yeah, well so am I in more ways than you can ever imagine, which is
why I want you out of here while I try to figure out how to handle this God
awful mess.
Anna: Robert… Robert... I have to talk to you...
Robert: Don't say anything, we'll talk about it later…
Anna: No, it's very important…
Robert: I said we'll talk about it later!
Duke: Well, all you have to do is take a statement.
Robert: Just get her out of here, will you? (to Sean) Listen I've got to stop this
bleeding.  Find me some towels or anything you can.  
Anna and Duke leave the room.
Duke: I don't understand why he won't listen to anyone.
Anna: He thinks I shot her.  
Duke: Yeah.  I think he thinks you did.
Anna turns to face him.
Anna: Well you don't, do you?  Do you?
Duke: You haven't told me what happened yet.  I don't know.
Anna: Well, will you believe me?
Duke: Of course I'll believe you.  Of course I will.  
Anna: I didn't shoot her.  I didn't.
Sam shows up and goes into the room.
Sam: Excuse me.
She sees Olivia.
Sam: Is she still breathing?
Sean: Barely.
Robert: Listen, help us with this compress will you?
Sam: Yes, sir.  At least we’ve got the murder weapon right there.  Do you
know who shot her yet?
Robert looks at Anna and Duke standing in the doorway.  Sam does the same.  
Anna and Duke look stunned.
Transcribed by Hazel