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Setting: Duke and Angel in Duke’s office at the Club

Angel: Now will you relax?
Duke: I’ll relax.  I think I know just the way how.  
A knock on the door.
Duke: Come in.
The door opens and in walks Anna.
Anna: Hello.
Duke: Ah, speak of the devil.
Anna: Oh, I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
Duke: No, Angel was just about to leave.
Angel: If I wasn’t, I am now.
Angel leaves.
Anna: Well, it looks like someone’s had a good day.
Duke: Yeah, well mine was pretty rotten up to a few minutes ago.
Anna: Oh, really what changed your luck?
Duke: Oh, some minor logistical problem just sorted itself out.  Now I feel like
Anna: Oh, I’ll do my best to get into the spirit, but I don’t promise anything.
Duke: Still no word on Frisco and Felicia?
Anna: No, we have a few leads but nothing really concrete.
Duke: They’ll find them.
Anna: I know, Bert’s out doing something right now.  In fact I think I’m going
to check at headquarters.
Duke: Uh uh—later.  I have some champagne chilling, I would like you to take a
seat (he takes Anna’s hand and leads her over to the chairs) I’d like you to
take off your shoes, and I would also like you to stay for awhile.  I’m gonna get
the champagne.
As he goes to walk to get the champagne, Anna playfully kicks off one of her
shoes and hits Duke in the behind.
Anna: Feel better already.
Duke turns back from getting the champagne and walks to the chair behind
Anna and pulls it up close to her and sits.
Duke: Hey, you ain’t seen nothing yet. (Anna smiles lifting her head backwards
and Duke begins massaging her neck) I’m glad you’re here, you know.
Anna: Ow.
Duke: You know if these muscles were any tighter, they would snap.
Anna: Well, they say weight lifting firms up your muscles, but I’m a great
believer in stress, you know.
Duke: And the pressure’s getting greater.
Anna: Yes, everyday that we don’t find Frisco and Felicia the pressure just
Duke: Are you familiar with the term “nervous breakdown”?
Anna: Oh yeah, I’m past that Duke, don’t worry about that.  I’m on my way to
a chronic ulcer.
Duke: (Duke smiles and puts his head close to Anna’s) Can I be your pressure
Anna: Yes, you don’t know how much I rely on our time together (she looks
back at him) you know that?  I don’t know what I do without you.
Duke: I don’t want you to even think about that.
Anna: There’s not much chance of it.
Duke: I need you as much as you need me.
Anna: I’d like to think that, you know, (Duke kisses her hand) but at the
moment it seems that you do all the giving and I’m doing all the taking.
Duke: Now didn’t I tell you once before I’ll always be here for you?
Anna: (as Duke goes to get up) Wait.  I’m beginning to count on that.
Duke:  (sits back down) Why do you think I gave you the penthouse key?  
Anna, you know no woman has ever shared my life before-- hasn’t even come
close to it.
Anna: (stands, almost sitting on arm of chair) You know something-- your love
is the only thing I can be sure of at the moment.  Will you promise me
Duke: I promise.
Anna: You don’t even know what it is yet.
Duke: I don’t care what it is.  I promise, I promise you the whole world, I
Anna: I’d settle for just some time alone together, as soon as we have Frisco
and Felicia back safely.
Duke: Just where do you want to go?
Anna: Oh, I don’t know… (smiling) anywhere.  A small secluded hotel.  
Somewhere quiet, with a nice private little garden.
Duke: It’s a date.
Anna: Just the two of us.  Mind?
Duke: I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Anna: Well (kisses Duke) where is that champagne?
Duke: I’ll go get it.
He kisses Anna and gets it while still holding her hand.
Anna: Duke (she gets up) what if we don’t find them? What if… what if…
Duke: I don’t want you to think about that.
Anna: I can’t help myself. (Duke embraces her) Kiss me (Duke kisses her) more
(they kiss again)
Duke: Excuse me. (while rubbing his nose with hers) Just what did you do with
the keys I gave you to my penthouse?
Anna: It’s in my purse, why? (smiling)
Duke: Well, don’t you think its time you took them out and don’t you think it's
time I showed you how to use them?
Anna: Yes. (she gets the keys from her purse while Duke kisses her other
hand) They’re right here.
Duke: Follow me.
He leads her to the elevator.
Anna: I’m a bit short without my shoes.
Duke puts the key in and Anna puts her hand on his as he turns it.
Duke: Put this in here. (Elevator door opens and they enter.  Duke puts key
in.) Put your hand on top, when the light comes on, we’re on our way.
Duke backs Anna to the wall, she is smiling and they begin kissing.

Fade to black.

Duke’s bedroom.  Duke and Anna are standing very close together with their
arms on each other, staring passionately into each other eyes.
Duke: Allow me.
He starts to unbutton her blouse and then starts at his tie.
Anna: Here let me.
She starts to undo his tie and then his shirt.
Duke: (smiles and laughs) I love you.  I love you Anna Devane, no matter what.
Anna: I love you too. (More kissing)
Duke: If the whole world ended tomorrow it wouldn’t change the way I feel
about you.
Anna: You know, if we never saw each other again, I would cherish this time we
Duke: This has been the best time of my life, believe me.  I can’t imagine what
it would be like to live my life without you.  I can’t imagine it.  Oh, I pray to God
I never have to try.
They kiss passionately and begin to lower themselves on the bed.
Transcribed by mytom