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Anna is in her office reading a file. She sits down at her desk.  There is a knock
at the door.
Anna: (calls out) Yeah.
Duke enters with a brown paper bag.
Duke: Anyone care for some leftover lunch?
Anna: (amused) Oh, you came all this way just to give me a doggie bag?
Duke: Well, I figured you might be hungry and I also wanted to find out what
happened with Frisco.
Anna: Oh, he lucked out, actually.  No formal complaints were filed.
Duke: (sitting down across from Anna) Good… for Frisco.  I mean and for you,
of course.  I know how much you care about him.  
Anna: It’s very difficult to be angry with him.  Apart from his family this is the
most important thing… his world, his job.  I really admire his dedication.
Duke: He’s young.  He’ll learn the ropes.
Anna: Yes, he will.  He’s going to be a very fine cop one day.  
Anna get up from behind her desk and walks across her office.  Duke gets up
and follows.
Duke: Thanks to you, I imagine.
Anna: Well, you know what?  I really wish he’d just settle down.  He’s so over
anxious.  One of the most impatient people I know.
Duke: Well, patience is overrated.
Anna: (surprised) Well, what would you know?
Duke: Well, it’s never been my long suit that’s for sure.  I always think that if
you have to wait for something, then it’s really not worth waiting for in the first
Anna: (puzzled) It depends what you want and how much you want it.  
Anna walks across to the other side of the office and Duke turns to watch her.
Duke: Frisco’s not the only one growing desperate, Anna.
Anna: (surprised and then slightly amused) You have something in common
with Frisco?
Duke: Yeah, we’re both hungry.  Frisco for a career and…
Anna: (slightly coy) What are you hungry for?
Duke: I’m starved for affection.
Anna: (unbelieving) A man like you shouldn’t have any trouble finding that.
Duke: (questioningly) Would… ah… would you care to help me look?
Duke chuckles at the awkwardness of the situation and turns away.  Anna
smiles at his teasing.
Transcribed by LWLouie