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Following the Bert Ramsey bust, Duke is hospitalized and contemplating turning
state's evidence.  A hitman has recently made an attempt on his life.

Anna: I knew something was wrong yesterday, why didn't you tell me?
Duke: I wanted to… I tried.
Anna: You should have told me.
Duke: You've been through so much.  So much grief along with the danger and
it’s all been because of me.
Anna: That’s not true. That’s not true at all. We’re in this together.  We take
the bad times with the good.  That’s what love with commitment is all about. I
just don’t understand why you told Robert and you didn't tell me.  
Duke: I couldn't have avoided telling him.  He caught the man who was sent
here to kill me.  
Anna: He should have told me about that.
Duke: If I were him I wouldn't have told you either.
Anna: (impatient) Alright.  Alright, that’s one thing.  It’s something else when
you’re not gonna turn state’s evidence.  Now I’m not going to let you sacrifice
yourself just to protect me and Robin. I couldn't live with that.
Duke: Yes you could.  When it comes to Robin, yes you could.  You've gotta
think about Robin first.  
Anna: (changing tack) You know, if he caught the hitman, perhaps that’s it,
perhaps you're safe now.
Duke: Oh, Anna.  It’s strange.  How many times I told you the opposite.  But
now I have to tell you to think with your head and not with your heart. You
know I’m in danger, and you know that you and Robin are targets too.
Anna: Right.  There’s only one way we can play this.  You turn state’s evidence
under the witness protection program.
Duke: No.
Anna: Yes.  That way we’ll all be safe.  
Duke: No, I won’t allow that.  I will not permit it.  You would have to drastically
change your lives.  I won’t allow you to put Robin through that.
Anna: Alright then.  I’ll send Robin off to Australia with Holly and Robert.
Duke: You think I'd make you make such a sacrifice?
Anna: (standing up) That’s what I’m going to do.
Duke: No, Anna.
Anna goes to the door and opens it.
Anna: Robert… will you come in here please?
Robert: What is it?
Anna: I want to speak to you. I want to tell you about this plan…
Robert enters the room.
Duke: Don’t listen to her, Robert.
Anna: Would you take Robin for a while in Australia with you and Holly?
Duke: I will not let you and Robin be separated, Anna.
Anna: Will you?
Robert: I can see what you’re doing.
Anna: Good.
Duke: No it isn't.  The next few years are very important for Robin.  She has to
spend them with her mother.
Robert: Much as I want my daughter, I have to agree with Duke.
Duke: And there’s more to it.  Are you prepared to go into hiding?
Anna: Yes.
Duke: For God knows how many years…
Anna: Yes.
Duke: And to be on guard for goodness knows how long…
Anna: Yes, yes, yes!
Robert: Now, wait a minute-- this is absurd!  Now Lord knows I care for my
daughter, but I’m not about to have her mother live like a hermit.
Anna: I’m a cop.  I’m used to being on guard.
Robert: It’s no good.  
Duke: He’s right.
Anna: Stop ganging up on me, both of you.
Duke: Why don’t you think ahead, Anna?
Robert: Yes, please, think ahead!
Anna: I am thinking ahead!  (gesturing to Duke) I’m in love with this man, and I
want to marry him!
Robert: Now look um… I just realized Jake is waiting to go see the judge…
Anna: Well, we have to speak to him.  We've got to stall him until I can talk
some sense into Duke.
Nurse: Excuse me, it’s time for Mr. Lavery's medication.  Visitors will have to
Robert: Okay Anna, we’ll find an empty room where we can continue this little
Anna: (to Duke) I’m not gonna let you sacrifice yourself.
She and Robert exit to meet with Jake in another room.
Anna: (to Robert) I don’t understand why you didn't tell me about the attempt
on Duke’s life.
Robert: I didn't want anything to interfere with his taking a first step.
Jake: The mob’s influence certainly travels all over the world, doesn't it?
Robert: That’s true.  And more often than not, they fight amongst themselves,
but when threatened, they can pull together.
Anna: What are we going to do? I’m not going to let Duke sacrifice himself and
go to prison for the rest of his life.  
Robert: Well, at the moment I don’t see any way of stopping it.
Anna: Yes you do.  You know very well as I do that Duke holds it in his power
right now to break the mob.  Now it is conceivable that with that evidence he
has, it might make it impossible for any other major criminals to infiltrate Port
Charles in the future.
Robert: Conceivable, but no certainty.
Anna: No, no certainty, but we've got to make the chance.  We've got to take
it for Port Charles.
Robert: Perhaps, but I don’t like the risks that you two want to take.
Jake: Folks, I have to see the judge in a little while.
Anna: Can you get an extension for Duke?
Jake: I don’t know.
Anna: It’s very important.  We have to get him to reconsider.
Jake: I know it’s important Anna, but I don’t know if the judge is gonna go for
Robert: Look, tell the judge what’s gone on here. Tell him the only reason Duke
has pulled back is because of the apparent threat to Anna and Robin.
Anna: Yeah, and tell him about the close call he had with the hitman in his
hospital room.
Jake: I will present all that to him.
Robert: I’ll go with you.
Jake: Oh good.  That’ll help.
Anna: You know one other thing you can tell him?  You tell him the good that
Duke has brought to Port Charles. That should be enough.  
Jake: This judge is a by the book man.  He’s not gonna take kindly to the fact
that Duke changed his mind, and we can’t give him any guarantees that we’re
gonna talk him out of it.
Robert: Well, he shouldn't be looking for guarantees, I mean what’s a day or
Anna: I’m going to come with you.
Robert: Uh, bad idea.
Anna: Why?
Robert: Well you should be working on Duke.
Anna: Yeah, that’s true.
Jake: It’s in the hands of the gods now, Anna.
Anna: Well I know one thing that isn't.
Robert: What’s that?
Anna: That if Duke goes to prison for several years it’s gonna kill him.  Now
that is one guarantee you can give your judge.  
Robert: Alright.
Anna: And it might kill me too.
She storms out the door and returns to Duke’s room, where Tony and Yank
are examining Duke.
Anna: How’s he doing, Tony?
Tony: He seems to be making excellent progress.
Anna: Good.
Tony: I do get the feeling that you’re overdoing it a bit though, am I right?
Duke:  Perhaps too little sleep.  I have a lot on my mind.
Anna: Far too much.
Duke: Alright.  I am a little tired.
Tony: (to Yank) Okay…  
Yank prepares a needle.
Duke: Is that to make me sleep?
Tony: Yeah.  You’ll doze off in a few minutes.
Duke: I don’t know if I want to sleep.  These moments with Anna are very
Tony: Well how about taking a broader view of it, like getting stronger?
Anna: Mm hm.  That’s what we all want.
Yank: Okay, finished, Tony.
Tony: Okay.  We’ll check in later on you.
Anna: Thanks, Tony.
Tony: You take care, okay?
Anna: Thanks, Yank.
Tony: Yeah, bye.
Yank: You’re welcome.
Tony and Yank leave.  Anna pulls up a chair next to Duke’s bed.
Anna: I’m going to stay here until you fall asleep.  And if I can get away with it,
I’m gonna stay here while you are asleep.  (She touches his face)  I just want
to be with you.
Duke: After I’m asleep, waste no more time with me.
Anna: You won’t have any say in that, ‘cause you’ll be asleep.
Duke: I’m talking about the broader sense, as Tony suggested.  Waste no
more of your life with me.
Anna: Shh.  Don’t talk like that.  
Duke: Anna, I have no future.
Anna: Yes, you do.  You have a future with me and with Robin and it’s a
wonderful one.
Duke: You are a dreamer.
Anna: No.  I’m a woman in love with a fine man.  And whatever happens, we’re
gonna spend the rest of our lives together.
Duke: I wouldn't do that to you or to Robin.
Anna: Get some rest now, go on.
Duke: It's no good, Anna.
Anna: Yes, it is. I'm not gonna let you sacrifice yourself. You understand that?
Duke: I don't think of it like that.
Anna: Well, I do.
Duke: In time you'll forget...
Anna: No I won't. Never.
Duke: I should never have allowed myself to think we'd have a future together.
What a fool I was.
Anna: Then we're both fools, and we deserve each other.
Duke smiles.
Anna: That's all I want-- a little smile. I just want to make you happy. To think
about you, to dream about you. See how happy you make me?
He falls asleep and she kisses his hand.
Transcribed by Hazel