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Anna and Duke have just made love and are lying in bed facing each other.
Duke: There's only one word to describe it.
Anna: Hmm?
Duke: Superb.
They laugh.
Anna: I never thought this night would happen.
Duke: I never doubted it for one minute.
Anna: You were that sure of yourself?
Duke: I was that sure of us.  
Anna: Even after everything that happened?
Duke: (grins) In spite of everything that happened.
Anna: Yeah.  Well… at least we got through it… my gosh.  
Duke: Yeah… we uh, we grew stronger...
Anna: You might have—I nearly had a nervous breakdown (grinning).
Duke: (laughs) You didn't have the luxury of that.
He pulls her hand behind his head.
Anna: No.  I was too busy trying to keep you out of jail, I suppose…
Duke: Or put me in it…
He runs his finger over her arm.
Anna: Well, you did beat that man up.
Duke: Yes, well at the time I felt he deserved it.  I mean, I'm not proud of it.  
And you've taught me that I can be strong without having to beat anybody up.
He touches her mouth.
Anna: I guess I've learned some things from you too…
Duke: Such as?
Anna: Loyalty.  Even when I was so horrible to you, you were always loyal to
Duke: You had every reason to be, because of Camellia.  No, because of me. I
mean, I deserved every bit of it. I ruined your life, I ruined your credibility, you
lost your job…
Anna waves her hand to stop him.
Anna: It doesn't matter now.  
Duke: Well it did then, but it doesn't now, and we're not gonna think about it
Anna: I won't think about it if you just don't talk about it.
Duke: I'll go one step better than that.  I have this wonderful technique for
making things like… well, you forget bad things.  
Anna: What do I have to do?
Duke: You've gotta close your eyes.  (she does) You've gotta think about
something… something that's wonderful…
Duke runs his hands over her face, watching her closely.  She holds his arm.
Anna: You.
Duke presses his finger to her lips.
Duke: Shhh.  I said no more talking.
He touches her face again.
Duke: You are so beautiful. You are so beautiful. The more I look at you, the
more I see...
Anna: It's not fair...
Duke: What's not fair?
Anna: I want to open my eyes.
Duke: There's nothing here for you to look at.
She opens her eyes and looks at him.
Anna: (whispers) Yes there is. You're everything I ever wanted in a man.
He kisses her hand and she kisses him passionately.
Transcribed by Hazel