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Love is an Adventure
Duke does indeed go to jail for his role in Tumble Dry, but his sentence is
mitigated by his testimony, which breaks the McKay mob.  After a few attempts
on Duke's life in prison, Angus kills himself to save his son and end the mob
vendetta, making Duke swear to protect his "sister" Camellia.  Duke is eventually
released and is greeted by Anna and the newly-arrived Camellia McKay.  

Camellia is a nun who begins work at General Hospital.  She and Duke share a
strange history, because when they met, they did not know they were
half-brother and sister, and had a brief flirtation.  They found out they were
related and it ended things immediately.  However, it turns out they actually were
not related after all, and Camellia schemes to take Duke away from Anna.  She
goes to a reporter for the Port Charles Herald with a scandalous story about
Duke's involvement in the cover up of a crime at L'Orlean.  She also leaves the

Camellia does not know the whole story of L'Orlean, but she knows enough to
set the reporter out on a hunt for the truth, which she believes will cause Anna
to leave Duke once and for all.  What she doesn't know is that the secret will
bring her down with Duke.  Unbeknownst to Camellia, the secret of L'Orlean was
that Camellia had murdered Evan Jerome (of the rival Jerome family mob) when
he attempted to rape her.  She blacked out after the crime and remembered
nothing, and Duke and Angus had covered the whole thing up to avoid a mob

The story breaks on May 1, Anna and Duke's wedding day.  A group of reporters
storms the ceremony demanding to know the truth about the cover up at
L'Orleans. (View
The Almost Wedding)  Anna is humiliated and breaks up with
Duke. (View
The Secret of L'Orlean)  Both are broken-hearted and miserable.
L'Orlean Fallout)  

Anna resigns as Chief of Police in the wake of the scandal.  Duke and Camellia are
tried in Canada for the crime and cleared completely, but Anna still won't
reconcile with Duke.  Camellia gives up on Duke, knowing he is hopelessly
devoted to Anna.  A disappointed Robin is sent to Italy with Filomena for the

Robert returns to town following the death of his beloved wife, Holly.  He and
Anna set up shop as private investigators, to Duke's dismay.  Their first
endeavor is a WSB matter.  WSB agents are systematically being killed by the
DVX, and their friend Sean Donely is next on the list.

Meanwhile, Duke learns there is a mob hit out on Camellia and protects her, as
he promised Angus.  A jealous Anna thinks there is more to it than that and
pushes Duke away. (View
Comforting Camellia)  She jets down to the Biscayne
Islands with Robert on a mission to rescue Monica and scientist Greta Ingstrom
from some kidnappers, who are working for the DVX and also targeting Sean.  
Duke follows with Camellia in tow, as a hit man is on their trail. (View Biscayne
Islands, Parts
1 and 2)  

Camellia is taken by the mercenaries, who wrongly believe she is Anna.  Robert
and Sean are taken prisoner as well.  Anna is left to complete the mission with
the help of Duke, and they rescue everyone just as the mercenaries' compound
is about to explode.  It is abundantly clear that Anna hasn't stopped loving
Duke, although she won't admit it. (View Biscayne Islands, Parts
3 and 4)

A still hurt and frustrated Anna keeps Duke at arm's length while she sorts out
her feelings.  When she and Robert visit Robin in Paris, with Anna staying in the
very hotel room they honeymooned in all those years ago, they reminisce about
the old days, but Anna is not looking to relive them.  Back in the States, Duke is
jealous, but has no need to worry.

Next Anna and Robert become involved in a WSB caper to stop another
nefarious plot of the DVX which threatens world security.  They too become the
targets of a DVX hit.  Duke and Sean save them from a private jet that was set
to explode, and Anna and Robert take the opportunity to fake their deaths while
they determine how to stop the DVX.  

Through a message encoded in a song, they figure out that the DVX wants to
blow up an early warning station at Mount Rushmore, which would leave the
nation vulnerable to nuclear attack.  With the help of Tiffany, Sean and Duke, the
plot is foiled. (View Mount Rushmore Adventure, Parts
1, 2, and 3)  At a critical
moment, Anna finds herself trapped on a train that is about to explode after
Robert jumps off.  Duke choppers to the train, jumps aboard and frees Anna
just before it detonates.  The group of heroes returns home, and Anna and
Duke happily reunite.  (View Post Rushmore Reconciliation, Parts
1 and 2)

They marry in a beautiful Scottish ceremony on October 16. (View
The Wedding)
Afterwards, they jet off to New York City to spend the night.  (View Wedding
Night, Parts
1, 2 and 3)  They then take off for a magical honeymoon in
Scotland. (View
Scenes from a Honeymoon)  The Laverys return to a new home
and life together as a family with little Robin.  All is bliss until the new year.