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The Ultimate Sacrifice
All is peaceful in the Lavery household during the holiday season, but trouble
lurks as Duke prepares to testify against the Jerome and Carter families.  Duke
and Anna are still recovering from the loss of the baby.  Anna takes it particularly
hard during the holidays, having learned she can no longer have children due to
the fall in the elevator.  When the opportunity arises to foster two year old BJ
Jones while her father, Dr. Tony Jones, recovers from blindness, Anna and Duke
jump on it. (View
BJ Custody Hearing)  Anna grows very attached to the adorable
tot, as does Duke. (View
BJ at Home)

Duke hires a new assistant manager at the club on Angel's recommendation.  The
attractive Hillary Bates has a tragic past, having recently lost her husband and
young daughter in a car accident.  She takes an interest in BJ, and ends up
kidnapping her.  Anna embarks on an obsessive manhunt for the pair, and
eventually succeeds in talking a remorseful Hillary into returning BJ to the arms of
her father.

In the meantime, Duke is preparing for his trial, and what will become of Anna and
Robin once he testifies.  He considers the Witness Protection Program, but hates
the idea of taking Anna and Robin away from their family and friends and the life
they know, only to be looking over their shoulders constantly.  Anna professes
her devotion to Duke, stating that if necessary, she will leave Robin with her
father so that she can be with him. (View
The Last Time, Part 2)  Duke is torn up
by the very idea of Anna and Robin being separated.  It turns out that Robin,
given the choice, elects to stay with Duke and Anna in the Witness Protection
Program, leaving her father and everyone else she loves behind. (View
The Last
Time, Part 3)

The trial comes to a close, and Duke is scheduled to rendezvous with Anna and
Robin at a warehouse in Port Charles in order to enter the Witness Protection
Program together.  Duke and the federal agents walk into a double cross-- one of
the agents was on Victor's payroll and rigged the warehouse to blow up on their
arrival.  Anna and Robin, escorted by Robert and Sean, arrive in time to see Duke
being rushed inside the warehouse, which explodes.  

Fortunately, the federal agents expected something like this to happen, and they
usher Duke to a safe area below the warehouse while Anna and Robin are frantic
outside, crying and fighting to get in.  Sean takes Robin home, kicking and
screaming, while Anna remains at the scene, desperately hoping for some sign
that Duke survived the blast. (
View Warehouse Explosion, Part 1)

Inside the warehouse, Duke is confused and upset about what is happening,
worried most about the safety of Anna and Robin.  The federal agents tell him
they are fine, and that he now must take this opportunity to fake his death and
leave them behind, for their own safety.  Duke fights, but is persuaded that it is
the only way to protect Anna and Robin from his enemies, who are apparently
everywhere.  Duke tearfully leaves his wedding ring behind as the federal agents
escort him from the warehouse inferno via the catacombs. (View
Explosion, Part 2)

Robert eventually takes Anna home, where they await word from the PCPD.  
When they arrive, there is a wreath of white roses on the door with a note that
says "Duke Lavery R.I.P."  A distraught Angel comes to the house and sees the
wreath, and knows that Duke is dead.  The roses are a sign that the mob
vendetta is over.  Anna does not accept this, and still clings to hope that Duke will
be found alive. (View
Post-Explosion)  Meanwhile, Duke is on a government jet
out of Port Charles.  He is broken-hearted at having to leave his family behind,
and that they think he is dead.  

Later that night, Anna insists on returning to the warehouse to look for clues.  
Robert resists taking her there, but she is so desperate, he relents.  When she
arrives at the warehouse, she looks down and sees Duke's wedding ring among
the ashes.  She picks it up and begins to break down, knowing that Duke would
never have taken his ring off.  She falls to her knees, sobbing. (View
Post-Explosion, Part 2)  A touching memorial service is held in Duke's honor, but
Anna still cannot fully accept that he is gone. (View
Memorial Service)

This is where the Anna and Duke story ends for many fans, however, the tale

In late 1989, Victor Jerome dies, and Duke enters a plastic surgery clinic in Brazil,
demanding that his face and voice be completely changed.  He then makes his way
back to Port Charles to reunite with Anna under the new identity of Jonathan
Paget, an art dealer.  Robin takes to him immediately.  Anna does not recognize
him.  A vengeful Julian Jerome learns that Paget is Duke, and plots to kill him.  
Olivia learns of Julian's plans and goes to warn Anna.  Julian shoots Olivia, and
before she dies, she tells Anna that Paget is really Duke.  

Anna realizes the truth and she and Duke joyfully reunite. (View
The Realization,
Part 1 and The Realization, Part 2) They prepare to leave Port Charles until the
mob threat is abolished, but Julian gets to Duke first.  There is a shootout at
Anna and Duke's cabin, and Julian dies on the spot.  A mortally wounded Duke
makes his way back to Anna and dies in her arms.  Robert escorts Anna to
Scotland to scatter Duke's ashes.  Fade to black.