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Music was an integral part of the Anna and Duke story, as was dance, perhaps
more than any other couple in the history of daytime.  Below you will find many of
the songs associated with Anna and Duke, along with a brief description of the
context in which they were used.  Not all of the tracks on this page are the
versions used on the show, but where the track used is unavailable, a comparable
replacement version is provided.  More music will be added as it becomes available.  
Should you find that the music doesn't play on the first click, wait a few moments
and then try again-- it's usually a matter of letting the page load completely.
Thank you to Kimmie of the New Retro General Hospital Group for her musical
knowledge, and for providing many of the mp3 files here, as well as a number of the
summaries.  Please
contact us for permission before using them elsewhere.